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Year 12 Performing Mock Exams

Just a reminder that these will take place on Friday 27th February 2009.
Please be on time, bring any accompanying Music/CDs you may need. A CD player will be provided and I will be recording this exam for your future use.
I will set harmony for you to do when you are not performing. How nice am I?11.20 Cecilia Cumming (Sections A and C)
11.33 Michael Doherty (Section A)
11.40 George Aldridge (Section A)
11.50 Katherine Hills (Sections A and C)
12.05 William Pate (Sections A and C)
12.20 Sarah Perry (Sections A and C)
12.35 Joseph Shea (Sections A and C)

Honk! rehearsals until Easter

Wednesday 25th Feb FULL CAST SINGING.
Luke block Different with ZSh

Thursday 26th Feb NO REHEARSAL

Friday 27th Feb Warts n All – Jamie, Luke plus chorus of 8 Frogs:
Emma Hodgson
Katherine Alman
Catriona McCall
Louise Taylor
Louisa Briguglio
Katie McMillin
Rosie Goymer
Ben Rodell

Weds 4th March Joy of motherhood Emma and Issy singing

Thursday 5th March Joy of motherhood blocking

Friday 6th March Full cast Poultry Tale

Wednesday 11th March Look at Him singing

Thursday 12th March

Year 12 Homework

Apologies for the delay in this posting, but Paris 2009 took up most of the half term and I was unable to post this before leaving. I'm sure it's all recorded accurately in your planners anyway. Just a reminder of the upcoming events next week for Year 12.

Tuesday 24th February 2009: Listening MOCK. Please bring your CD Walkmans with earphones and batteries.

Wednesday 27th February 2009: Performing Exam (excluding your viva). Timings to be arranged on Tuesday.

On top of the revision you're doing for Tuesday, you were also set some work on Miles Davis and a listening paper, due in on Friday 27th February 2009.

Hope you've had a good holiday...!


These rehearsals have been put in place due to the very irritating SNOW. It is crucial that you attend them so that we do ourselves justice in DisneyLand Paris, Notre Dame and La Madeleine.

MONDAY 9th BREAK: Meeting to sort the rooms out
Contingency (St Peter’s 11.30am-2pm, bring lunch- talk to Wil If unsure)
TUESDAY 10th MORNING: Concert Band as per usual – 7.45am (Paris people only)
TUESDAY 10th LUNCHTIME: CHOIR (Paris people only- please be prompt)
(No Big Band)
TUESDAY 10th AFTER SCHOOL: CHOIR (same people) until 4.30pm
WEDNESDAY 11th ALL DAY: VOCAL ENSEMBLE/St Peter’s – the usual
THURSDAY 12th AFTER SCHOOL: ORCHESTRA (tour people only)
*FRIDAY 13th 12.40pm-2.40pm: ORCHESTRA

*This is an INSET day so please make the effort to come in.

After the last rehearsal of each group, individuals will be responsible for their Music and folders. If you don’t have a folder, don’t worry too much, we’ll try and get by. I will not have any spares of any …