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Beaumont Music Department 2011-12 Finale: Sing

Congratulations on a simply wonderful and heartwarming Summer Concert on Wednesday.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend time rehearsing with you all during the day (the lack of huge problems/stresses was a bit unnerving, we have to admit!) and once again, the concert did not just show your musical skills and talents, but your commitment and passion for all the music you performed.  Thank you for all your work this year - it's been an incredibly busy one but we finished it in style.
131students took part in the concert (bear in mind that about 5 or 6 students were in Rosas) and everybody performed in the finale of Gary Barlow's and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jubilee song, Sing.  At the time, it was tempting to do an encore (there were a number of people calling for one!) but I think the impact may have been lost if we had repeated it.  So below is our one and only performance of Sing

Verse 1: Year 7 Girls, followed by Years 10 & 11  Verse 2: Boys, followed by Year 12 Ver…

Year 12 Resources

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BBC Music Timeline


Mr. Guinane

Twelve-Tone sudoku, anyone?

Good luck!

Composer of the Week: Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943)

Not that I am suggesting that this week will be relaxing, but hopefully some of Rachmaninov's lush orchestrations and sublime piano music will help us all de-stress if things get a bit too much!  From his piano preludes to his symphonies and piano concertos (not to mention his Vespers), his Rachmaninov's music is full of superb melodies, harmonies and orchestrations.  Find out more about him here and download the playlist from here or see below.

Year 12: Instruments Monday (9/7)


Please bring your instruments in tomorrow for your Music lesson.

I have something up my sleeve...

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Summer Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Please be on the ball for Wednesday and spread the word:
Break: Big Band come and set up
Lesson 4: Big Band
Lesson 5: Choir and Orchestra, and then everyone from every group come back for start of lunch for Sing (this will last no more than 20 minutes) Lunchtime: After Sing, Wind Ensemble
Lesson 6: Concert Band
Lesson 7: Vocal Ensemble, String Group
You are required to sign into the Music Department by 6.30pm. Concert starts at 7pm. Tickets are £4/2, available on the door.

Seussical Rehearsals w/c 9th July

Here are the extra lunchtime rehearsals for Seussical w/c 9th July.

Please go to the Hall as we will always try to be in there from now on. Keep your eye on Twitter for info the evening before the rehearsals just in case.Monday - Cat, Mr & Mrs Mayor, Horton, Jojo pgs 25,30 - 32 and any other dialogue issuesTuesday - Cat, scary voices, hunches. Dance and singing for Havin' a HunchWednesday - Summer Concert - If you are not involved please go and supportThursday - tbc - will be based on after school rehearsalsFriday - tbc - will be based on after school rehearsalsWe have 5 school days left until the opening night. Please make sure you know everything and you have remembered your cues. Stay on the ball from now on please. Seussical is a priority. It is going to be amazing!  
Have a good CEW.