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Arrangements Carol Service Weds 18th December


Here are the arrangements for Wednesday:

1200: Meet in Music block

1210: Depart for Central Drive to meet coaches. If you are late we will not wait for you.

1215: Depart for St. Peter's Church. Arrive at 1230.

1230-1300: Lunch - Bring a packed lunch

1300-1500: Rehearsal

1510: Meet coaches

1515: Depart for school. Arrive at 1525.

If you wish to go home straight from St Peter's, I will require a signed note from your parents giving you permission to do this. No note, and you're coming back on the coach.

The evening:

Meet at 1830 (no later) in the octagon room (I will go through this on the day).
Dress: full winter uniform for Years 7-11. Smart all black for 6th form.

The service will commence at 1900 and will last for around an hour and 15 mins.

I will bring choir music to the rehearsal, but once you have it, it is your responsibility.

Any questions see me on Monday or Tuesday.

Mr Guinane

Tuesday's Rehearsal Schedule

Click here for Tuesday's rehearsal schedule.

Be on it. Take ownership. It is going to be a great concert.

Mr Guinane

Year 13: Debussy Comparison

Hi Year 13,

Click here to access the files for your Debussy comparison.

Mr Guinane