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Year 10: Computer Room Lesson - 21st May 2014

Hello Year 10,


Click here to access the pro forma.

You will need to download it and save it to your area.

Using your notes, which you should have with you, you have this lesson to complete Paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 of the pro forma. There will be a short amount of time available to complete paragraph 3 at the end of the summer term, but don't rely on it.

100-200 words per paragraph is fine. Quality not quantity. Don't go too mad.

You may use the internet, but you are under controlled conditions in this lesson. You may not complete this outside of lesson time. If you do not finish, you will need to find time after school or at lunch, with me present.

If you don't have your notes with you, tough. I have marked, commented on and returned everything you lot have given me. If you have changed your piece or haven't been organised enough to seek my advice, you still need to complete the form in this time.

It is worth 10 marks. A mark scheme for your information is here, and s…

Year 10 Solo Performance Schedule

Dear Year 10,

Click here to access the solo performance schedule.

Know your time, be on time, be prepared and be on it.

Take ownership and play your little hearts out.

If there is a problem with your time, let me know.


Mr Guinane

Year 10: Classical Concerto Homework 07/05

Hi Year 10,

Click here for the track you need to complete your homework.

Alternatively, find a YouTube video of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, 3rd Movement (Rondo).

Any questions, email or tweet.


Mr Guinane