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Year 10 Deadline Reminder

Just a reminder that I would like your compositions in on Friday 10th July or before.  You are required to provide the following:
- some kind of score (as discussed in lessons) of your composition - a recording (this can be taken from Notion)
I would like this submitted by email if possible.  If not, bring it in on a memory stick or something. If your recording is to be taken from Notion, please make this clear on the email.  Some of you have already started to use after school/lunchtime sessions to make up for time so please continue to do so.
Look forward to those very much.
Ms Doan

Arts Award Review: Heather Magee

On the 14th of March 2015, I went with my sister, my mum and a friend to the Globe Theatre in London to see a production of Shakespeare's Othello.  The show itself was spectacular.  There was live music and instruments playing throughout the play.  I found it amazing how the actors flew down on zip wires.  I think I understood the storyline and found it tragic at the end when Othello realised that Desdemona was innocent and that he had given in to jealousy.  The performance also had a dance at the end.  It was a slow tango which changed into a jive.  The acting really impressed me.  Iago's facial expressions worked well because they shoed the audience that he was not a good person.  They used props very effectively to show what the scene was about.  Overall, I thought it was amazing and I would love to go back to the beautiful Globe theatre.  I have told all my friends how great it was and I have encouraged them to go and see a play there.

Grace Cooper: Arts Award Review

When we got into London we decided to take some pictures outside of the theatre, I favourite is the one with me and my dad showing the Matilda background! My cousin was in Matilda sadly he couldn't stay afterwards so he sent me some goodies :) it was really funny and lovely and I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends. Are so many aspects of the whole experience like music, dance, drama, costumes, singing and lighting! My favourite actor is Miss Trunchbull because she's really funny but strict at the same time. I especially like her when she's doing boxing and trampette with all the kids and she's flipping over all over the place. Over all it was a great experience and I'd love to do it all over again :)

French 16th Jun

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Alban Way 150th Celebrations

We have been contacted by a parent regarding the 150 year celebrations of the Alban Way. There is a lot going on in terms of events and lectures. If you are interested, click here for more details. 

Arts Award Review: Kiera Patel

Here's one with a twist...Cake International!
Cake International 
It is almost like an intervention but for 'cake lover'. Many different suppliers set up stalls to teach and sell their products. There also are different international cake/sugarcraft teachers who teach different skills. 
I personally went to one of these sessions that's one of the teachers were putting on. They were teaching on how to make animals. It was pretty interesting as you could see the step by step routine within how to make each sculpture. 
My thoughts: 
I did really enjoy the exhibition yet I did think that it was all a bit deprecated and not unified like I thought it would be. Within the sessions we couldn't interact with the teacher or make make the sugar paste sculptures/ animals along side the teacher. 
I really liked the displays and the competition entries. The people I went with said they really loved the variety of styles that were shown. One said the techniques on the display and the p…

Grade1athon Rehearsal Details WB 15th June 2015

Student-teachers and teacher-students,

This week rehearsals for the Grade1athon concert on the 6th July begin. Please be prompt for rehearsals, bring your instruments and music (if you need them). Rehearsal details are below:

Monday 15/6 - Keyboards, after school, Room 30

Tuesday 16/6 - Choir, after school, Room 40

Thursday 18/6 - Band. after school, Room 30

Rehearsals will last 30-40 mins. A reminder that both student-teachers and teacher-students are expected to attend rehearsals when they can.

Any questions, just tweet us.

Thank you,

Beaumont Music

Arts Award Review: Leon Heaney

For part B I will share my experience at a musical event. I will then review the musical event, presenting you with what I witnessed along with what I enjoyed, learnt and what I thought could use improving in the show I observed. In January 2015 I had the opportunity to visit a Young Voices performance in the 02 Arena in London. The music was very vibrant and it was very satisfying to watch the children live sing their hearts out to their family and friends in the crowd. Every genre of song in the show (tributes, pop, traditional and chants) had its own unique way of getting everyone (both singing and watching) involved in some form throughout the performance. I also enjoyed the connection with the parents and the children throughout the show. Whether it was singing or dancing, everyone had the opportunity to share the same experience as the children in on stage. I enjoyed the use of lighting as it matched the mood of the song and I personally think the use of multiple colours of light …

Year 12: The 6 pieces of music which changed the world.

This idea comes to you courtesy of Mr A Tighe (Deputy Head of Bedford School) and Mr G Plumley (writer and broadcaster).
Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli
Monterverdi: Orfeo
Bach: Das wohltemperierte Klavier
Beethoven: Symphony no. 5
Wagner: Tristan und Isolde
Schoenberg: 2nd String Quartet

Your task sheet and instructions can be found here. Wikepedia is banned.

Arrangements of Beethoven 5 can be found here.

Dossiers are due on Tuesday 26th June 2012.  Enjoy and get involved!

Click here to access Grove online.

Arts Award: Anisha Kashim

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical is a must see show. It is for all ages with many laughs throughout. The golden ticket holders are presented in a special way. There was a great twist in the end and the child actors were phenomenal. The whole journey of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a magical and it would be great if you can experience it! 

The performance showed me what to expect when performing in front of big audiences and the way I can improve my acting by varying pitch and volume. It also was a way to see how actors make the most of their surroundings and how to use space effectively. It expanded my knowledge of musicals and acting from the age of ten years old. I will admit that I personally do find it hard when it comes to changing how loud I use my voice and adding emotion to it because sometimes I forget one part and I end up sounding like a monotonous robot. 

Watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has helped me improve these skills because sometimes pra…

Arts Award: Greg Harrison

I went to a Lego exhibit in London, ‘Art of the Brick’ in the February half term. Nathan Sawaya’s work is made out of unlikely things, the exhibit I went to was his Lego collection, and there was over 100 pieces of art! I had never seen anything like this before. His work was very inspiring because he made perfect pieces of art with Lego, something I would never have imagined. Some of his work was copies of other artworks like ‘The Scream’, I loved this because it was interesting to see such well known art transformed to have different textures and a slightly 3D aspect (he has made the man come out of the picture). I enjoyed this area because I loved getting to see how similar he had managed to get them. 
The next part of the trip was many different sculptures made of Lego, this part felt meaningful because all the sculptures gave of different vibes (moods/feelings). I loved one where a man was pulling himself apart (‘Yellow’), I thought the man could be ending his life or it could b…

Arts Award Review: Mattie Watson

Shaun in the CityShaun in the City is an street art trail across London. There were 50 giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures, created by artists, designers and celebrities, placed across London. I went up to London to see them and to take pictures of them I went to see the Shaun the Sheep street art in London. It is a trail of huge Shaun the Sheep models that are designed by not only well known designers but less know designers. Some of the better knows designer are Zandra Rhodes a famous fashion designer. We decided to take pictures of each of them. Some were easier than others to find. Some were easier than others to take pictures of because of all of the other people who were looking at them, particularly the ones on the South Bank of the Thames where there were lots of tourists. I thought it was good because the artwork was colourful and different in every case even thought they were all just versions of Shaun the Sheep. My favourite was the Zandra Rhodes one because it was a very strik…

Year 7 French 8 Jun

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Year 9 GCSE Music - Homework and recordings

Dear all,

Please click here to access your recordings from today's lesson.

Evaluation: 100 words per paragraph (roughly), based on the sheet given out, which is also provided here. Word processed or handwritten.

Any questions please shout.

Well done everyone, a great start!

Mr Guinane and Ms Doan

Arts Award Review: Izzie Cottol

Izzie Cottol has reviewed a trip to see a professional dance show. Below is a her video diary of it: