Arts Award: Greg Harrison

I went to a Lego exhibit in London, ‘Art of the Brick’ in the February half term. Nathan Sawaya’s work is made out of unlikely things, the exhibit I went to was his Lego collection, and there was over 100 pieces of art! I had never seen anything like this before. His work was very inspiring because he made perfect pieces of art with Lego, something I would never have imagined. Some of his work was copies of other artworks like ‘The Scream’, I loved this because it was interesting to see such well known art transformed to have different textures and a slightly 3D aspect (he has made the man come out of the picture). I enjoyed this area because I loved getting to see how similar he had managed to get them. 

The next part of the trip was many different sculptures made of Lego, this part felt meaningful because all the sculptures gave of different vibes (moods/feelings). I loved one where a man was pulling himself apart (‘Yellow’), I thought the man could be ending his life or it could be a brave act to save someone because of his posture.

After that there was objects/animals, this part was my favourite because he has gotten such elegance into his pieces, like ‘The Dress’. This piece felt very mystical and ‘The Umbrella’ was also very intriguing. This part also has images of the work (like ‘The Dress’) in pictures. 

I would definitely recommend this exhibit to others because it is very inspiring and is a great opportunity to see what well known artworks look like when made of Lego. 

I took a lot out of it and I learnt that you should always draw what you see and not what you think looks right because all his models were (in my opinion) perfect and looked just like the objects they were meant to. I have also learnt to try and invent new, original ideas/materials to use in art, just like he decided to use Lego that no other big artists had used yet.

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