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GCSE and AS: Countertenors and suspensions

Here is a glorious video of Robin Blaze and Elin Manahan Thomas singing and talking about the opening of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater. Some gorgeous singing for Year 10 (please be reminded this is countertenor/male alto singing, not castrato!) and Year 12 can get hugely involved with the suspensions. Win, win.

AS Homework: Tuesday 31st January

Describe the stylistic features of the 1st movement of Beethoven's Septet which show that this music was composed in the Classical period (10 marks).
Click here to listen to the track.  
Due: Monday 6th February 2012

Year 13: Homework (31/01/12)

Year 13,

Your homework this week is to write about the musical 'roles' for the three instruments in the Indian Classical piece, as well as the three instruments in the African Drumming piece.

Think about:
their 'role' in the piece when they playwhat they playhow they play how what they play changes throughout the piecehow what they play affects what the other instruments play how what they play is affected by what other instruments playany other points of interest Due next Tuesday (07/01/12).


Mr. Guinane

Year 13: Agbekor Dance

For your reference, here is a good example of an Agbekor Dance, similar to the one we are currently studying. You will recognise this video from last Tuesday's lesson.

Here is Mustapha Tetty Addy, the Ghanaian master drummer we are studying.
Mr. Guinane

Year 13 Wider Listening: Beethoven

Click here for the score of Beethoven's Op 110 and here to listen to the whole sonata on Spotify.  It's rather lush so give it some time.

Year 13 Homework: Thursday 26th January

1) Find out some basic information about Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck. His dates, where he lived and worked and his output.

2) Please make notes on the following aspects of his Pavana Lachrimae, ready for a decent discussion and analysis on Thursday:

Performing forces and their handling (comment on the type of instrument it for which it would have been composed) and the range;Texture;Structure;Tonality;Harmony;Melody;Rhythm & Metre.Click here for a recording on Spotify.
Both 1) & 2) are due in on Tuesday 31st January in Mr Guinane's lesson.

Year 10 Performance Times

Year 10,

Here is the sheet of performance times for next half term.

Please be organised and turn up for your slot. If you have an accompaniment, don't forget to bring it.

If you have a question mark next to your name this means I am not sure you can make that slot. Please confirm asap.

Let me know if there is a problem.


Mr. Guinane

Big Band is ON This Week

Hi all,

Big Band is back on this week, lunchtime Room 31, see you all there.

Looking forward to it!

Mr. Guinane

GCSE Revision Guide

Here is the link to the Year 11 GCSE Revision Guide on Amazon.  This can be used alongside any notes you have and also contains listening suggestions too.

Year 10

Year 10, please bring your instruments tomorrow.


Mr. Guinane

Year 10 Lesson: Baroque Ensembles

Here are the videos from the lesson:

Orchestra: Spring Term Repertoire

As promised, here are the links to La Rejouissance from Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks and Ravel's Pavane pour une enfante defunte. Listen and enjoy!


The date for SASSMA 2012 has changed to Monday 5th March. Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble, please put this in your diaries.

No Big Band This Week

Apologies, but due to CED there will be no Big Band this week.

We will be starting up again on the 26th Jan.

Sorry, and thanks!

Mr. Guinane

Year 10 Lesson: Classical Ensembles

These videos will be used in lesson on Classical Ensembles:

Seussical: Biggest Blame Fool

Here is the video for you to watch, listen and learn. The only difference is the words in Part 4. Please be careful.

Year 13 Work: Sweelinck

Apologies for not being in tomorrow's lesson. Please listen to Sweelinck's Pavana Lachrimae ready for next week. Do some research into the background of the piece and do some research into Sweelinck as a composer. We will start the lesson with some dictation and other aural bits and pieces! FUN!
Click here to listen to the Sweelinck. You will recognise it...

Year 12 Homework: Tue 10th January 2012

Compare and contrast the texture and tonality of the 3rd movement of Berlioz's Harold in Italie and the final movement from Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms. Make sure you back up your statements with examples. You can present their work in a table, bullet points or prose.
Due: Monday 16th January 2012

Bang On A Can Free Download

Music geeks,

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the contemporary music group Bang On A Can are offering a free album download!

Simply click here, fill out the form and your download will begin. I am currently downloading my copy and I am very excited about hearing it.

For more information about Bang On A Can, click here.


Mr. Guinane

Big Band: Listening Links

Hello Big Band members,
Included in this post are links to the three pieces we will be rehearsing this term, please have a listen and enjoy!
One Note Samba - Not our version but this will give you a good idea of the feel of the piece.
Cute - The original Basie version, I believe ours differs slightly.
Spain - The original, our arrangement is very different BUT the riffs remain the same, listen and internalise them and the music suddenly becomes lots easier!
Enjoy the music, I look forward to rehearsing these pieces with you all this term.
Mr. Guinane

Year 10 Homework: Performances

Year 10, a reminder that for next Wednesday's lesson (11th January), you MUST bring in a copy of the music you are planning to perform later this term.

It can be sheet music or TAB, in a book of several pieces or just a single piece. If you have any problems you must come and see me BEFORE the lesson on Wednesday!

I look forward to seeing what you are all planning to perform.

Mr. Guinane

Year 13 Homework: Stravinsky

Year 13, a reminder that this Tuesday (10th January), you will be presenting your Pulcinella comparisons.

If there are any problems, get in touch via email or come and see me BEFORE Tuesday's lesson.

I look forward to seeing your work.

Mr. Guinane

Year 11 Homework: Wednesday 4th January 2012

Things to do this week:
1) Think about your ensemble piece. This will be recorded after half term. A piece for two or more people in which you play an independent part. The other people in the ensemble do not have to be in the GCSE class. You need to demonstrate accuracy and interaction with others in your ensemble.
2) Think about the style in which you will compose. Controlled assessment time starts next Wednesday.
3) Have a go at responding to one of the stimuli for the Creative Task. Either bring in ready to record or written down on Monday 9th January.
Nearly there (ish)!

Year 10 Homework: Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Please make sure you listen/watch to both of these pieces of music. It is important you familiarise yourself with them so we can have a decent discussion next Tuesday. As this is part of AoS 2 Shared Music, make sure you consider how parts interact, what instruments are playing and whether a specific instrument (or instruments) is (are) more than important than others. If you are more of a Spotify person, click here for the playlist for the whole of Area of Study 2.
3rd movement of Trumpet Concerto by J. Haydn
The quality of this is not that great, I'm afraid but the performance is cracking. You can click here for a performance by Alison Balsom (which I can't embed - sorry).
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty

Happy Listening!

Seussical Rehearsal Schedule until Easter

Happy New Year!

Click here to download a copy of the rehearsal schedule until Easter. There may be extras but we will let you know in advance. Please make sure you know the songs in advance (as in knowing the tune, not all the harmonies!) and that you arrived as prepared as you can.
Make sure you continue to check blogs and twitter to keep up to date.
See you soon!