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Year 12/13: Film Music Clichés 30/06/2011

Hello Year 12/13,

Here are the two websites containing film music clichés as discussed in the lesson.

I hope they are of some use.

Stephen Selby: Film Music Clichés

mfiles: Film Music Clichés


Mr. Guinane

4 Beaumont Singers make Cultural Olympiad Choir

Congratulations to Emily Almond, Emma Doherty, Anna Fordham and Hannah Perryman who have gained places in the Youth Music Voices Ensemble, the youth choir who will perform during London 2012's Cultural Olympiad. Over 2000 students from 16-21 from all over the UK took part in workshops and auditions, and the panel have now narrowed down the applicants to a choir of only 120 students. This is a magnificent achievement for our students and we look forward to following their progress throughout this exciting project. Well done!

Year 9: Any questions?

Here is an opportunity for you to post any questions you might have after our epic sessions on major and minor scales, triads, chords and cadences. You may do this from home and your username can either be anonymous (if you don't want people to know the question was from you) or I need to be able to identify you.
Please post appropriately- comments will not be approved if they are unrelated. Click here if you have a question and if you have the answer, feel free to post it for your peers too!

Concert Band: Slum Dog Millionaire

Great rehearsal yesterday morning! Well done. Click here to listen to the arrangement of Slum Dog Millionaire.

Year 12 Harmony and Listening

Click here for the playlist for the booklet of Bach Chorales.
Click here for the Baroque Counterpoint wider listening.

Year 9 Sibelius Tips

Hot off the press, here are your tips and questions from today's lesson with Mr Guinane. Please feel free to add more advice if you wish - it doesn't have to be year 9s. Please identify yourself clearly and post appropriately.

For the love of Beaumont Music Geeks

There are so many reasons why we love working in the Beaumont Music Department. Of course there are the lessons, rehearsals and concerts, but there are so many lovely things that happen/silly things that are said outside of these times which contribute to our love of a Beaumont Music Geek.
After Big Band yesterday, three of our Year 11 boys (pretty obvious who) stayed afterwards to have a little jam on their ukuleles...after 40 minutes, this is the result. Piazzola would be really proud. Thank you, boys!

Year 12 Homework: Thu 23/6/11

Your task is just to listen (along with the score please) and familiarise yourself with the 1st movement of Mozart's Piano Sonata K333. Do listen to the other two movements as well. Click here for the Spotify playlist.
I can't find Morse on the case on Spotify (the piece to which Mr Guinane was referring in your lesson) so we will both have a look and get back to you.

Year 9 GCSE Music: 15/6/11(Nuts and Bolts: Scales, keys and chords)

You will see that the Powerpoint below does not have much information on it but should be used as an aide memoire for the lesson and as a way of checking your own learning. Year 9, you will need to start checking the blog often as both Mr Guinane and I will be posting homework, listening resources via Spotify, as well as lesson resources too. We will also post other items of interest so please watch this space.
It's also nice to see some of you on Twitter. If you are a tweeter, follow us by clicking the button on the LH side of this blog.
In the meantime, here is the Powerpoint for 15/6/11:
Scales, keys and primary chordsView more presentations from hanhdoan.

Year 12/13 A2 Homework

Just a reminder that you need to complete the cadences and passing 6/4s in the G minor chorale that we started in today's lesson. This is due in on Thursday.
Don't forget to check out our personal blogs too. You could probably start your wider listening with my Desert Island Discs (I have linked them to Spotify too, just for you). Mr Guinane's
For Miss Doan'stumblrFor the Love of Tonal Functional Harmony, please click here (check out the passing 6/4 as my profile pic).
For Mr Guinane'stumblrPlay Fewer Notes, please click here.

Year 12: Thurs 16th June

Year 12,
Please bring your instruments on Thursday, I would like to do some playing.
If you see this, spread the word among the group.
Many thanks, see you Thursday.
Mr. Guinane

Opening number from Songs for a New World

Now you've had a chance to digest the show, have a look at an amateur production of the opening number (your audition song). Needless to say that the direction will be different (better!), the number of singers will be different and women's and men's parts can be interchangeable. Download the words by clicking here.

Upper School Musical

We are delighted to announce that we have obtained the performing rights for SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD.
The show will be performed on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October 2011 (just before Half Term). Rehearsals will be intensive and definitely be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. You may not be required to attend all of them, but you should be available for them.
We are looking 16-18 SINGERS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY (male and female) from Years 10-13 (September 2011).
Auditions will be held as following:
Wednesday 22nd June (lunchtime): Year 9 (current)
Monday 27th June (lunchtime): Year 10 (current)
Wednesday 29th June (lunchtime): Year 12 (current)
Friday 1st July (lunchtime): Year 11 (current)
A cast list will be published the Music and Drama blogs at 6pm on Friday 1st July 2011.
The audition song is the opening number from Songs for a New World, called The New World. Click here to listen to the song. The words will be projected on a screen in the auditions but no music will …

Big Band ON Tomorrow

Sorry guys, emails are down so I am unable to send this out...

Big Band is ON tomorrow, usual time, usual place.

Many thanks, see you there.

Mr. Guinan

No school Emails again

If you have emailed us in the past 2-3 days, your email may not have been received. We are experiencing problems with receiving external emails and there is now a long queue of emails and it is hoping that we will sorted by tomorrow lunchtime, although it could still be a while before we receive any emails from you.
Apologies and we will respond as soon as we can.
If there are any urgent queries, please phone the school on 01727 854726 and ask for the Music Department. You can also tweet/DM us on Twitter.

Do you want to sing as part of London 2012's Cultural Olympiad?

Youth Music Voices is a major new project providing those aged 16-21 (on January 1, 2012) with the opportunity to join in and celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games through singing. 120 young people from the broadest cultural mix across the UK are working together as the Youth Music Voices Ensemble – a youth vocal ensemble unlike any other in the UK. Click here to see more details about the project and to view some videos of previous projects.Angie Gilby at the Herts Music Service has been asked to nominate singers to audition for this exciting opportunity, and she in turn, has asked me to consider who might like to apply for this. Some of you will be receiving an email about this tomorrow but I don't have everyone's email addresses. If you think you are interested, please email me on the Beaumont Music address by the end of the week.The commitment is big - so please read the documents here which outlines them. The project summary can also be found here.

Instrumental Teachers: reports

Click here for the link to your report template. Returns by hand or email (hopefully!) by Friday 8th July 2011 please.
Thank you.

Still no school emails

The school email accounts are still down due to circumstances beyond our control. Apologies if you have emailed us and are waiting for a response. We will get back to you as soon as we're up and running again. In the meantime, please use Twitter to tweet us or send us a DM.
Miss Doan & Mr Guinane

Happy Birthday, Edward Elgar!

To celebrate Elgar's Birthday today, have a listen to his Pomp and Circumstance no. 4 in G (I prefer this to the "Land of Hope and Glory" one (no.1 in D major).
If you have more time, I thoroughly recommend his gorgeous choral work, The Dream of Gerontius.


If you are trying to contact me or Mr Guinane or even the Beaumont Music account, please be aware that we are unable to access our emails at the moment. If it is urgent, please tweet/DM us on Twitter. Hope you are having a good half term!