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Christmas Concert Info: Tues 8th December 2015

Click here for the rehearsal and concert info ahead of next week's concert.
The concert takes place in the hall at 7pm, on Tuesday 8th December.
Tickets are £3/£5, available on the door.
It is going to be fab!

Once in Royal: Audition Info

On Tuesday 24th November, at lunchtime, in Room 30, we will be holding auditions for the annual 'Once in Royal David's City' solo, to be performed at the carol service in December.

We are looking for boys, whose voices have not yet broken, to come and sing the first verse of the famous carol.

Come and find us if you need the music, and/or check out the video below.

Please come and have a sing, whatever your ability and/or experience. We hope to see lots of boys next Tuesday.


Mr Guinane and Ms Doan

Year 11: Extra-curricular commitments during Mock Exam Leave

Year 11,

During exam leave we expect you to attend all Big Band, Vocal Ensemble and Orchestra rehearsals.

If you cannot make any of these rehearsals, please inform either me or Ms Doan asap.

In terms of other clubs, we would love to see you there (it might make for a nice break from intense study).

Thank you,

Mr Guinane

Male Voice Choir: rehearsal tracks

This is from Sidney:

Dear Male Voice Choir, 

Below are YouTube links to our arrangement of Danny Boy. You will see that there is a video that includes all four parts, a video for just sopranos and a video for just altos. If you are a soprano or alto, I would like you to learn your individual part and then sing along to the video with all four parts. Basses and tenors, as more experienced singers, you can just use the four-part video to sing along. Pass these links on and learn your parts. 
All 4 Parts:

Soprano Part Link:

Alto Park Link:

Year 10 and 11: Google Classroom

Click here to access your Google Classroom. You will need your username and password which will be shared with you in the lesson. You must proceed as a student (obviously) so you can join the class properly. You will find I will have assigned you your homework there.

Please submit your homework via Google Classroom. If you do it by hand, you can scan it in the Google Classroom app and submit it there. It's going to be epic.

Year 11 Homework: Rag Desh

Due in next Tuesday 10th November:

Year 13 Counterpoint

You may find the following things useful:

Here is Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum and below is a useful video. You don't need to "know" it in full detail, but it will help you with the basics of 2-part Baroque counterpoint.