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Easter Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Click here for Wednesday's rehearsal schedule.
The Easter Concert begins at 7pm in the hall on Wednesday 2nd April. Tickets are available on the door priced at £2 (students/concessions) and £4 (adults).
Students who are performing, you must be in the department at 6.30pm in full Winter Uniform.
Any questions or problems, find or contact me sooner rather than later. Thanks.
I am so excited.
Mr Guinane

Taverner Set Work

Click here for a YouTube study guide related to this work.


Mr Guinane

Year 12 and 13: Useful LSO Videos

Year 11: Controlled Coursework Paperwork

Dear Year 11,

A run-down of what is required from me in terms of paperwork (save it all to your own area):

B351: Performance 1 and Composition 1

Here is the pro-forma, but the majority of you should have already completed this. It is, in terms of paragraphs:

- a description of your first performance piece
- the stylistic features involved
- an evaluation of how your performance went (you must update this if you have re-recorded)
- a brief for your composition (it doesn't matter if you composition ended up completely different)

The most important thing is that this document relates to the piece you want me to use as your solo performance.

B352: Composition 2

This is the new one. Here is the pro-forma. It consists of, in terms of paragraphs:

- initial ideas (approx. 100 words)
- your log (a short paragraph per hour/week is fine)
- an evaluation of your piece (what worked/how successful is it/any less convincing parts/strengths/weaknesses etc.) (again, approx. 100 words)

A very good exam…

St. Albans Young Musician 2014, Sunday 23rd March 2014

Congratulations to the following musicians and ensembles who have been awarded a place in the finals of STAYMC this year:

Beaumont Male Voice Choir
The Beaumont Trio
Louisa Briguglio and Niamh Quinn
Louisa Briguglio
Oliver Davies
Sidney Brass

The details:

The meet time for Beaumont Male Voice Choir is 1.00pm. 
Soloists, you must have registered by 1.00pm. As a result, I will be registering MVC at 12.30pm, and suggest you arrive then to register yourselves.

The finals will take place at St. Albans Cathedral. There is a big tree in Sumpter Yard just outside the Chapter House at the cathedral. We will meet there.

The competition begins at 1.30pm. It will finish no later than 5.30pm but may be a little later.

Please wear full winter uniform unless you are competing as a soloist, in which case please wear smart all black.

I hope this all makes sense.

Let me know if you have any quality questions.

Looking forward to the competition.

Mr Guinane

Year 11 Homework 17/03/14

Hi Year 11,

Here is the file, should you need it for your homework.


Room 49 Wednesday 19th March, Period 4
Instruments on Monday 24th March, Period 4
Room 49 Wednesday 26th March, Period 4


Mr Guinane

SASSMA: The Details


Friday 7th March: People involved in this should know what is going on (meet at 0910 in Music)

Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble (Plus selected members of Training Ensemble):

Monday 10th March:


We will then head off the Alban Arena (bring a packed lunch)

You will be back before the end of school


Meet 1830 in the Alban Arena (I will explain where during the rehearsal)
Full winter uniform, all black for Philo members/6th Form
Concert begins at 7pm
Tickets available from the Alban Arena

Have I missed something? Let me know.

Mr Guinane

Year 12: Homework files

Year 12,

Here are the files you will need to do your homework:


Desmond Dekker

If you struggle, I am available Fri lessons 4/5, Fri after orchestra, Tues after school if you want some extra help.

Good luck.

Mr Guinane