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Year 10: GCSE Composition

Below is a powerpoint with some useful information:

Year 11 Creative Task Exam: Monday 27th April

Dearest Year 11,

Click here for the timetable for the Creative Task Exam.

You are responsible for turning up on time, and with everything you need (your instrument).

To help you prepare, here is a collection of stimuli for the creative task.

Our best advice? Be musical, both in your playing and development of ideas.

We are happy to give you feedback on creative tasks ahead of the exam, just send us a recording via email and we will reply with suggestions and comments.

Any quality questions, please ask.


Rehearsal Schedule Easter Concert

Hi everyone,

As you know, the Easter Concert is on Weds 1st April.

Click here to access the rehearsal schedule for the day.

Be on it, don't annoy us, and it will be an amazing concert.

Quality questions only please, see you on Wednesday.

Year 10: Solo performance

Below is a Powerpoint for your information. It is useful, but you shouldn't worry about how difficult your piece is, and just select a piece which you can play accurately and musically.  As you can see, more marks are awarded for interpretation than accuracy.  
Please think about the piece you will perform (after May half term).  I would like you to let me know what you intend to perform by Wednesday 1st April - name, composer, and if it needs an accompaniment or not.  You can do this in the lesson, on paper or via email or twitter. 
Take ownership!

Year 12 Harmony

Click here to listen to the sound files needed for your harmony game.  Try to memorise the music instead of relying on having it to hand.

Miles Davis


Year 9 Film Music: Soundation Clip

Click here for the Soundation website.

Click here for the film clip you are composing music for (MUTE THE CLIP!)


File > Export .sng file (a file you can load next week).

File > Export .wav file (a finished file you can send to me).

Year 10 Cover lesson

Hello Year 10:

Please do the following:

As a class, or in 2 large groups, you must write a piece of music (a Head) over the 12 bar blues chord sequence.  THIS MUST BE 12 BARS LONG (that is 12 bars of 4/4, not the reduced 6 bars you created last week...).  You can do this in any key, but please try and include one or two extended and/or altered chords.  Write a simple melody over the top, and if you have time to do solos in between, then go for it.
If it's too much to do it as 2 large groups, then please make the groups smaller (decide this early on).  Be sensible, and divide out your forces. 
Can someone with an iPhone please record the final performances at 9.55am and then email the recordings to the Beaumont Music address.  Mr Guinane and I will be able to listen to them at our earliest convenience during the day!
Please make sure this recording is a sensible attempt and that you are all making valid contributions to your groups. 
Please leave the department tidy.
Good luck!

Year 10: Homework

Please do some investigation into modes, when they have been used in music and as clear an explanation as possible of what they are.  I was thinking a Tamsin-eque presentation, Carruthers-style notebook fragment, or about half a page of writing/typing.
Due: Wednesday 18th March

Year 11: Composition 2 Paperwork

Click here for a copy of the pro forma you will need to complete for your second composition.

- Initial Ideas
- Log
- Evaluation

Something useful for Year 10

Click here to use a website which will build up extended chords on the piano for you.  This might be useful for a number of you.

Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble: SASSMA

Please be aware that SASSMA is on Tuesday 31st March 2015
We will be leaving for the daytime rehearsal at at 10.30am and return to school by 3.20pm.  The concert starts at 7.30pm and you will be expected to be back at the Alban Arena for 7pm.  Dress code is school uniform and smart all black for 6th form.  
If your parents would like to come, tickets are available from the Alban Arena box office.
You must come and see us immediately if you are unable to take part.
Many thanks