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Alumni News: Tom Pate & National Youth Choir

Congratulations to recent alumni Tom Pate, who has gained a place in the main choir of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain.

He should also be congratulated on his starring role in the recent National Youth Training Choir video below. Check out that frown in the opening!

Year 10 Google Classroom Activity

Here is a link to your Student task sheet (if you want to click on the hyperlinks etc).

Many of you need to Join you classrooms, I think there are plenty of people in your class who can do this with no problem. Ask. Use information.

Click here to access the questionnaire which I would like you to complete. You can also complete it below if you wish. You MUST be signed into your Google account in order to complete this questionnaire.

The form with the most number of completed questionnaires by the end of the day will get a box of chocolates from me. Get involved, Year 10!