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New Year's Day Concert, perfect for GCSE students...

Hope you've all had a good Christmas and some nice plans for tonight. Whilst you may not be thinking about school, tomorrow's New Year's Concert from Vienna will be the perfect start to 2011, especially for Year 11 students. As you may know, the traditional New Year's Concert includes performances of numerous Viennese waltzes by Strauss, Lanner and Hellmesberger, perfect for your Area of Study 3 work.
Live from the Musikverein, BBC Radio 3 broadcasts the 2011 Neujahrskonzertder Wiener Philharmoniker. The programme is presented by PetrocTrelawny and during the interval, Gavin Plumley (writer and broadcaster) will give a snapshot of what Strauss' Vienna was like.
Tune in to Radio 3 on New Year's Day at 10.15am for the live broadcast and listen at c.10.55am to Gavin's talk. Click here for more information about the concert and here for the relevant post on Gavin's blog, EntarteteMusik.
Enjoy and see you soon!

Year 12 and 13 Holiday Homework

I am sorry that both Mr Guinane and I missed your lessons this week due to illness. Please check your work below and make sure that you are ready for the first day back.
Year 12 You need to finalise an outline of structure/keys for your composition and you MUST listen and keep a log of pieces of music which may/will influence your composition. We will have one more preparation lesson before we start your controlled work on Tuesday 11th January 2011.
Year 13 Please finalise your recitals and catch up with any outstanding harmony exercises/redrafts. Please make sure your recitals are long enough and that you start listening to different interpretations of your pieces AND different interpretations of pieces in the same style. I will be expecting you to perform a short extract from one of your pieces on the first day back so please don't forget your music!
Merry Christmas!

CAROL SERVICE INFO (Wednesday 15th December)

Please read and digest the following information: Wednesday 15th December: 12.50pm - meet in Room 30 (please bring a packed lunch, there will not be time to go to the canteen). We will leave IMMEDIATELY to go to St Peter's Church by coach. If you are late, we will go without you. 1.15pm - time to eat your packed lunch at the church before an afternoon rehearsal 3.15pm - leave St Peter's Church to return to school before the end of the day. 6.30pm - meet in the Octagon Room at St Peter's Church. Please be prompt for a warm-up. 7.00pm - Service begins, should be finished by 8pmish. DRESS CODE: Choir and Vocal Ensemble - FULL WINTER UNIFORM for Years 7-11, SMART ALL BLACK (girls, no shorts and tights please - skirts or trousers)for 6th form Please ensure you are wearing CORRECT school uniform - if we see any deviations, you will not be allowed to take part in the service.

Year 12 Homework Tue 7th and Thu 9th December (Miss Doan)

Tuesday 7th November You need to start planning your composition in terms of structure and themes. Think about keys, characters for whom you will be composing as well. Please make the most of this preparation time. Bring your ideas to Tuesday's lesson. Thursday 9th NovemberWrite a short response comparing Haydn's and Gershwin's approach to harmony in their respective works in the anthology. Make general comments and then find examples from each work to illustrate specific points. Due: Thursday 16th December 2010

Year 12 Notice for Tomorrow (9th Dec) - Mr. Guinane

Year 12 please bring your instruments for tomorrow's lesson (9th Dec).

Don't forget!

Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Homework Tue 30th Nov

Here is the electronic copy of the worksheet you need to start completing for Tuesday. You need to have a firm idea of your stimulus and how events will progress. You need to have also decided for which instruments you will write and why. If you can think about your influences, that would be useful too.
Please do not come and blag it. I will not be impressed.
Miss Doan