Year 12 and 13 Holiday Homework

I am sorry that both Mr Guinane and I missed your lessons this week due to illness. Please check your work below and make sure that you are ready for the first day back.

Year 12
You need to finalise an outline of structure/keys for your composition and you MUST listen and keep a log of pieces of music which may/will influence your composition. We will have one more preparation lesson before we start your controlled work on Tuesday 11th January 2011.

Year 13
Please finalise your recitals and catch up with any outstanding harmony exercises/redrafts. Please make sure your recitals are long enough and that you start listening to different interpretations of your pieces AND different interpretations of pieces in the same style. I will be expecting you to perform a short extract from one of your pieces on the first day back so please don't forget your music!

Merry Christmas!

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