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Cheekily posted on Twitter, this is aimed mainly at GCSE and A Level students but younger years, feel free to get involved.

a) Name that tune
b) Complete the chord sequence (4 more bars) and I will buy you a harmony text book of my choice, and that's a promise.

You must complete it in Roman Numerals and identify passing notes if you can (it will help you identify the chords).

I-vi-iib-V-passing note-Vb,
I-vi-iib-Ic-passing dim chord-VI,

Enjoy and good luck!

Music for the Royal Wedding

Whatever your opinion is on tomorrow's Royal Wedding, I recommend you watch the service, simply for the stonking music which you will hear. You will hear Parry's I was glad as Catherine Middleton comes down the aisle (performed by the Vocal Ensemble in St Peter's February 2010) and the couple will leave to Walton's Crown Imperial (performed by the Orchestra in the Easter Concert 2007). As well as other a variety of sublime works by English composers, John Rutter has been commissioned by Westminster Abbey to write the anthem especially for the wedding: This is the day which the Lord hath made - how exciting!
If you would like to see all the music for the wedding, please click here.
Whatever you end up doing, have a very nice Bank Holiday!

The Beaumont Music Daily

As well as out Twitter page, you will see that the Beaumont Music Daily will be released every evening which will contain mainly music-related posts/links/videos from Twitter. You don't have to be on Twitter to view the links- they are just shared by Twitter users. I hope you find it interesting and useful! Click here for the Beaumont Music Daily.

Well done!

Well done to all the extra-curricular groups for such a fantastic term and a superb Easter Concert. You should all be proud of your achievements. Have a good rest and work hard! See you next term.

Easter Concert Rehearsal Schedule: Tuesday 5th April 2011

Lesson 3 and Breaktime6th formers (lesson 3) and Concert Band please come and help set upLesson 4Jazz Sextet
Concert BandLesson 5Orchestra
String GroupLunchtimeVocal EnsembleLesson 6Big Band
Year 8 Boys' BandLesson 7Choir, Year 11 Choir, Year 10 Choir1830Meet in Room 30/311900Concert begins
Dress is SMART *All Black or Black and white, BLACK SHOES or school summer uniform.
*Girls, please wear skirts or trousers, NOT leggings or skinny jeans.
See Miss Doan or Mr Guinane if you have any questions.

GCSE Music Creative Task (B353): 45 minutes, Wednesday 27th April 2011

Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your exam is due to start. You are allowed to ask the teacher to play all of the stimuli before selecting one. Once you have chosen one, your teacher may play it twice more.
NAMESTART TIMEFINISH TIMEEmily Almond9.30am10.15amLuke Bainbridge9.30am10.15amEd Calvert9.30am10.15amHarriet Clifford9.30am10.15amWilliam Dean10.15pm11.00amEmma Doherty10.15pm11.00amAnna Fordham10.15pm11.00amEleanor Hall10.15pm11.00amBen Harris11.15am12.00pmBelle Haswell11.15am12.00pmChloe Haynes11.15am12.00pmIshana Holness11.15am12.00pmVicky King12.00pm12.45pmYannick Mayaud12.00pm12.45pmRobyn Moore12.00pm12.45pmCallum Murfet12.00pm12.45pmClaire Nicholson1.45pm