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Year 10: Reminders for this week

Hey dudes,
Before Friday's lesson, please make sure you have read through my composition 'bible', and be prepared to work on a short composition for the next few weeks. Bring with you anything you think you might need.
You will need to produce some kind of score and recording (I will go into more detail on Friday).
Any questions please ask.
Mr Guinane

Year 13: Homework et al. 28th Jan 2014

Year 13,
Three things:
1. Attached is our 'thread' that might help you structure an essay on the Wagner. Add it to your notes.
2. Your first task for homework - fill in the grids for each of the Schumann miniatures.
3. Your second task - answer this essay question:

To what extent could ‘Yellow Bird’ be described as a piece of folk music? Make reference to instruments and their handling, melody, harmony, rhythm and metre, texture and tonality. (13)

Please ask if you have any questions, and remember Thurs after school and Fri lesson 6 are good times to catch me (let me know if you are coming).
Mr Guinane

Year 12: Essay Plans

Hi Year 12,

Please find your essay plans below. Click the images to increase their size and definition. I look forward to reading one of these written up next week.

Any problems get in touch.

Mr Guinane

Year 13: Jobs for this week


Here is the pack if you didn't get it this week. Your jobs:

1. Go through the harmonic progression table, bars 16-22, and annotate your anthology accordingly.

2. 'Fill-out' the basic essay points as discussed in the image below, with explanations and examples:

Email me if you have any questions.


Mr Guinane

Cabaret Band Information

Dear all,

A couple of reminders:

Please be in the hall at 11am prompt tomorrow. Bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink.

11am - 12.30pm - technical rehearsals

1pm - 3.30pm - dress rehearsals

Please wear show dress as a photographer will be taking snaps throughout the dress. These will be available to purchase at both shows.

Tuesday and Wednesday please be in your seat, instrument out no later than 6.30pm. You know the dress code, please see me if there are any problems.

Thank you all for your hard work, it is going to be a great show!

Mr Guinane

Year 10: Reminders ahead of your next lesson

Hi Year 10,

Clearly an unfortunate set of circumstances has meant you haven't seen me for a while. I miss you all terribly I can assure you.

Please have your completed drafts of your 'Performance Commentary' (the paragraphs we were working on in class) done by Fri 17th Jan. I will collect them in during our lesson.

Any questions please come and talk to me.


Mr Guinane

Year 12: Homework 8th Jan 2014

Dear Year 12,

Your homework for this week:

Your essay:

What are the stylistic features of the Haydn Symphony that are typical stylistic features of classical strum und drang works? (10)