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Year 10 Please Read

Year 10,

Thank you to all of you who have given me practice compositions to look over during the holidays. I look forward to going through them and giving you lots of useful advice before we begin controlled assessment after Easter.

If you have not already done so please email whatever you can as soon as possible (scanned sheet music/voice notes/scribbled notes/Sibelius files/MP3s/anything!). Even things that are incomplete will allow me to help you out before CA starts.

Email your stuff to this address.

Enjoy the holidays, I will see some of you in a week!

Mr. Guinane

Year 13 Easter Homework

Crossword creation!

This website allows you to create crosswords, as discussed you are all going to create one over the holiday period!

Please have these ready to share by the first lesson back (17th April), I have the following works written down for the following people:

Rachel - Morse on the Case
Jack - Prepared Piano
Phoebe - Passport to Pimlico
Ben - Indian Rag

Clicking on each work will take you to the Edexcel revision notes, please use these to help you.

Good luck with this and the rest of your revision.

Enjoy the break,
Mr. Guinane

Seussical Rehearsal Schedule

Click here for the next half term's schedule.

Year 10 Interval Song

As promised, here it is. Sing those intervals!!

Easter Concert: Congratulations

Congratulations and thank you to you all for a wonderful Easter Concert last night. You all performed brilliantly and there was such a lovely atmosphere in the hall.  There were lots of comments about your technical ability but even more about how much feeling you put into your performances.
Well done and have a restful Easter.  Spare Berlin 2013 letters are in my pigeon hole.
Miss Doan & Mr Guinane

Year 11, 12 and 13 Controlled Assessment submissions

Read very carefully please!
Year 11 This week you will finish your logs and evaluations in lessons. If you need more time, you must come on Thursday after school - this is your last opportunity.
When you are done, please email all your work to: You must email the following: 1) B351 Performance Appraisal 2) Composition 1 3) Composition 2 4) B352 Log and Evaluation
This must be done by Thursday 4.30pm but preferably at the end of Wednesday's lesson.
Year 12 Please email me your completed compositions to You must now answer your sleeve note questions. This can be done in rough but needs to be handed in by Friday 30th April so that we can mark it over the holidays.
Year 13 Please liaise with Miss Stothard at Sandringham for your deadlines. Nearly there, gang. Well done.

Reminder: Year 12

Year 12,

Just a quick reminder, please bring your instruments tomorrow (Mon 26th March).


Mr. Guinane

Easter Concert: Tuesday 27th March 2012

Non-stop Schubert on BBC Radio 3

From 4.30pm tomorrow (Friday 23rd March), BBC Radio 3 will be playing nothing but continuous Schubert for eight days, until Saturday 31st March.  The Spirit of Schubert Season will explore various aspects of his life and the marathon kicks off with a gorgeous Lieder recital live from Kings Place.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to listen to gorgeous music and learn more about Schubert's life and Vienna. For AS and A2, this is a must and for GCSE, you need to listen to as many Lieder as possible (and why not, what an art form!). Click here to find out more from Radio 3.
On a more frivolous note, you can now find Schubert on Twitter by clicking here.  You can tweet him and ask him questions about Der Erlkoenig and much more.  Poor old Beethoven is getting a bit jealous of Radio 3's Schubert season, but if you get involved, remind him that he had his dedication seven years ago...
Finally, the Spirit of Schubert season can be followed on tumblr by clicking here.  Don'…

Year 13 work: Thursday 22nd March

Hi Year 13,

I am so sorry but I won't be coming into school tomorrow (Thursday) as I am unwell. It means we won't be able to record your performances so we will have to do them next Thursday. Please be ready.

In tomorrow's lesson please make sure you do the following:

1) You should now have added to your notes on the texture of Gabrieli's In ecclesiis, having discussed this in last week's lesson.
2) This week you should select and highlight any key points in terms of harmony and rhythm. Do some research if you need to but I would like some points and examples ready for me to look over next week.
3) Finally, please make notes and consider how the piece has characteristics of the Renaissance as well as the Baroque periods.

These need to be handed in next Thursday 29th March 2012.

Apologies again.

Miss Doan

Year 12 Homework: Monday 19th March

1) Identify the errors in the Bach Chorale given to you in the lesson - don't forget it's 2 marks per chord (10) and then 2 marks for "non-triadic" notes, making a total of 12.
2) Rewrite the chorale with fewer (well, no!) errors.
3) Revise what you know about madrigals and balletts.
Well done on nailing Sing we at pleasure in half an hour!

listen to ‘Sing we at pleasure’ on Audioboo

Big Band This Week


A quick reminder that Big Band this week will be a BRASS SECTIONAL, very important!

Well done to the Saxes for a really great rehearsal last week.


Mr. Guinane

Year 12 and Year 13: Results Plus

If you are in Year 12 or 13, I suggest you sign up with an EdExcel Results Plus account. You can get some good resources and access good commentaries from examiners on past papers. Click here to get to Results Plus. The Exam Zone is also supposed to be quite useful. Click here for more information.

Year 11 Final Controlled Assessment Lessons

Here is an outline of the final lessons of Controlled Assessment (hooray!!):
Your hours come to an end at the end of the lesson on Monday 19th March 2012
If you lost time due to the computer system, you can gain this back during lessons 1-3 next Monday.
If you have lost time due to illness etc, you will to stay after school on Monday to complete your time.
Please let me know if you are coming during lessons 1-3 next week.  I will need to know by the end of your lesson on Wednesday. 
The remainder of our lessons will be for writing up our logs and evaluations, as well as preparing for the Creative Task after Easter on Monday 23rd April 2012.
Nearly there! Keep up the good work.
Miss Doan

Happy Birthday to Accidental...

This made my weekend:

So all of Year 10-13 know what each cadence is, but can you "spell" your chords correctly?!

Year 10: Composition

Hello Year 10,

For you information, I have printed the comments and targets we discussed last Wednesday and placed them in my pigeon hole outside the Music Office.  Please come and collect them if you need help with your composition task.

We will miss this week's lesson due to mocks, as well as the following week's lesson due to house day. I still intend to give you more lesson time to complete your compositions, but I also expect you to work on them in your own time.

If you feel you would benefit from playing me ideas and getting some feedback, particularly if I did not get round to seeing you last Wednesday, please come and see me! Thursday after school is good, but I am also around at other times.

Good luck, and keep composing!

Mr. Guinane

Year 11 Homework 8th March 2012


As you know, your homework this week is to answer the following question:

'How does this extract create the sense of a Gun Battle?'

Here is a good YouTube clip, you bit starts at 2min47s.

Good luck, let me know if you have any problems.

Mr. Guinane

Orchestra: Ravel's Pavane pour une infante defunte

At tomorrow's rehearsal, I do not need trumpets, trombones or timps, so have a week off!  The rest of you, there will be a rehearsal as usual in the hall.  I do believe that Consortium Orchestra will come after this, but do check with Yannick or on the FaceBook group.
Have a listen to this recording.  It's a bit slow but listen out for the swells in the music, as well as the varying tempi. Can we do it?! Of course. See you tomorrow.

Year 13 Homework: Thursday 8th March

Give an account of the varying textures Gabrieli uses in his In ecclesiis.  You can present this in any way you like: table, list, spider diagram etc.  It might be helpful for you to have the translation as the words may affect the texture. Click here for the translation.  Here is another version of the piece.
Due: Thursday 15th March 2012

How to raise a child/The Military

You will need this for tomorrow's rehearsal.  I can't find the right version of The Military so you will have to learn that from music!

Big Band This Week


A quick reminder that Big Band this week (Thurs 8th March) will be SAXOPHONES (and clarinets on the Tenor part) ONLY.

The rest of you can spend the time going over your parts, the music is in my room if you need it.

Saxes see you Thurs, everyone else enjoy your week off.

Mr. Guinane

Year 13: Lesson Resources Tues 6th Feb

Here are the resources you need.

Mr. Guinane

No Concert Band this week

There will be NO Concert Band this week (Tuesday 6th) due to a late night at SASSMA the night before.  Rehearsals will resume next week.
For SASSMA details, please click here.

Year 13 Homework: Thursday 1st March

You need to do some research on Giovanni Gabrieli:

1) Dates
2) Place of work and other composers who had held his post
3) The special characteristics of his place of work and how this affected the music composed for this space.

Listen and familiarise yourself with In Ecclesiis by clicking here.

Due: Tuesday 6th March (hand in to Mr Guinane)