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Arts Award Review: Natasha Johnston

Twelfth Night is a Shakespearian play about twins who were separated in a storm. One of the twins dresses up as a guy and works for a Duke. I saw it in the Abbey Theatre and I absolutely loved it. At first it may have seemed odd that all the characters were played by girls but it didn’t dim the performance one bit. The use of the actual original script was very well done so that we could still understand it. I highly recommend it as it is a very good play done by a group of very good actors.

Year 10: Revision Document

Here is a link to Friday's revision document.

Let me know if it goes down.

Mr Guinane

Amadeus Chamber Orchestra Concert

On Saturday, Ms Doan will be playing in the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra Concert in St Saviour's Church at 7.30pm. On the programme, every string player's dream: Bach Violin Concerto in E, a Handel Concerto Grosso and some Lennox Berkeley too. If you are in Senior Strings, you will love this. If you are in Year 9, two of the styles you will be studying at GCSE feature in this programme.  Arts Award students will also enjoy this. In actual fact, if you enjoy music on any level, you will enjoy this concert.  Please come. It's £3 for students, and you can buy your tickets in advance by clicking here, or you can get them on the door.
Hope to see you there.

Year 10 Moby

Year 10 Moby
Today we will be creating our very own Moby style pieces. To do this you will need to follow the link below and enter your username and password that you will have just been given.
Here is the link for Soundation:
Once you are in you will now need to use the files in the shared area.
Find them in: Central Resources > Pupil Area > Music > Year 10 > Moby Files
To add the files into Soundation you must go to: File > Import Audio. 
Make sure you focus on adding the FX to the samples. You may want to add in some loops underneath. The key of the samples which I have used is B minor and the BPM is 118.
We will listen to some at the end of the lesson!

Arts Award Reviews: Kaja Bruce - Silver Award

Kaja Bruce visited a photography exhibition in Brighton by Simon Roberts, and here's what she thought of it...