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Year 10: Miles Davis

As started in lesson, finish listening to this live performance of All Blues. You will be able to compare solos etc.

Year 12: Comparison questions

Compare and contrast the structure, tonality, and melody of the Bach and Mozart (18).

Senior Strings: Elgar Serenade for Strings

Please listen before Friday:

Year 10 Performance Timetable

Hi All

Please click here to see the timetable. You can also download or view a copy by clicking here.

Take ownership!

Arts Award Information

You will also receive this on paper:

Click here to see what I will be marking.

Please note the following dates:
First Deadline: 19th May 2015 Final Deadline: 10th June 2015 Moderator Visit: 7th July 2015 at 4.30pm  I will need 5 of you to come to this. Watch this space.
For your first deadline, I would like to see as much of the portfolio as possible and return it to you before half term.  I will then let you know which sections “pass” and which “fails” and what (if) you need to include more evidence.

For the reflection bit of section B (reflecting on your participating as an audience member), it is possible to write a review and either publish it on the Music Department blog or your own blog (if you have one).  You can then take a screen shot and put it into your portfolio.  Please email me your finished review if you would like it blogged from the Beaumont Music blog.  If you put it on artsbox, I can have a conversation with you about it (look at Nell’s) or you need to prove you have sha…

Vocal Ensemble: Summer Term

We're not letting up and we've got a busy schedule ahead of us, with some lovely new repertoire. Check it out below:

3 motets - Stanford

Dirait-on from Les chansons des roses:

And I forgot this one, Faire is the Heaven by Harris:


Orchestra: Summer Term

I have just ordered the parts for Britten's SoirĂ©es musicales for next term.  Have a listen and enjoy. It will be fun!