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Year 13 Homework: Thursday 29th September

You need to do some research into the ArcangeloCorelli (1652-1713). Please cover the following: His output - the types of compositions and the forces for which he wroteSome background about his life including details of any patrons and employers.To whom did Corelli dedicate his Op. 3 Trio Sonatas?What is a Sonata daChiesa? Give details about the order of the movementsWhat is a Sonata da Camera? How do they differ from the Sonata daChiesa?How many performers do you usually need in a Trio Sonata?Due in: Tuesday 4th October 2011

Year 13 Homework: Tues 20th September

Your notes from today. I like these a lot.

Your question:

How does Auric's score for 'Passport to Pimlico' fit in with other works from Les Six, specifically Milhaud's 'Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit'.  Make reference to instrumentation, use of melody, harmony and structure.

Full continuous prose please, handed in on Tuesday morning next week (27th Sept).

If you are feeling ambitious, please feel free to answer the following:

How does Auric's score for 'Passport to Pimlico' fit in with both other works from Les Six, specifically Milhaud's 'Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit' and Golden Age Hollywood Film Music, specifically Steiner's 'Suite from Casablanca'.  Make reference EVERYTHING!
I will also expect film presentations.
Any questions come find me. See you next week.
Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Homework: Tuesday 20th September

Write a concise, but detailed comparison of the madrigal and the ballett, drawing your examples from As vesta was and Now is the month of Maying. If you can find examples from April is in my mistress' face, The Silver Swan and Sing we and chant it, that would be very commendable indeed.

The playlist of them all is here.

Due: Monday 26th September 2011

Watch the Berliner Philharmoniker live in cinemas

The Berliner Philharmoniker is coming to cinemas around the country today at 1830, on Friday 27th January 2012 at 1830 and Sunday 4th March 2012 at 1830 (all times are British local time). Share in their phenomenal playing live as they perform Mahler, Bruckner, Schubert and much more. It's about time we went to the cinema and saw something decent! Sir Simon Rattle (the orchestra's principal conductor) explains more about it below, and click here for the link to the orchestra's website, which will tell you about the repertoire and performances. German students should enjoy this too!

Year 13 H/WK: Thu 15th Sept

Good work in today's lesson.
Click here for the Brahms and Debussy we discussed in today's lesson and here for the extracts you were given for discussion.
Your homework is to prepare some research into the following types of Baroque composition. concerto and concerto grosso (Rachel)Solo unaccompanied music (Jack)Orchestral suites (Phoebe)Keyboard/organ music (Ben) Please include some suggested listening as well as composers.
Due: Tuesday 20th September 2011

Year 13: Georges Auric et 'Les Six'

Year 13,I have created a short Spotify playlist containing music from all of Les Six, available here. Do have a listen, it contains the fantastic piece La Création du Monde by Darius Milhaud, as well as stuff from the other five. Let it be a portal to lots more music by these composers.Auric is an interesting case as his music is complicated by his work in movies, listen to some of his film scores (lots on Spotify) for a clearer idea of what I mean.Finally, here is the story of Les Six.If you have any questions about your film commentaries please let me know, I appreciate it was a little rushed at the end of the lesson. I will expect to see them orally presented next week.Many thanks, good work on the analysis today,Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Homework: Tue 13th September 2011

Please answer the following questions for homework:

1) What is a madrigal and how does it differ from a motet?
2) For what purpose were they written?
3) Give an approximate time span when the madrigal flourished in England. To which English monarch do many madrigals often refer and why?
4) Identify the most influential composers of the English madrigal.
5) From what you have sung, can you identify any features or structure the madrigals have in common?
6) Who was Oriana and why was she significant?
7) Listen to As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending and identify as many passages as you can where the composer (Thomas Weelkes) has used the music to illustrate the text. Describe in detail how he has achieved this.

Click here for the playlist of madrigals from the lesson.

Due: Monday 19th September 2011

Songs for a New World Audio Boos from Rehearsals

Click here to find all the Audio boos from our rehearsals.

NO CONCERT BAND TOMORROW (Tuesday 13th September)

We will start next week, giving our new Year 7s time to join in for the first rehearsal of the year!

Welcome back!

Welcome back! Hope you're looking forward to the new term and its challenges - it's going to be busy but good fun!
Extra-curricular Activities
The following extra-curricular activities will take place next week:
Vocal Ensemble Choir Orchestra Year 11 Choir
Concert Band, Big Band, Year 9 Band and String Group will resume the following week (music on order).
Instrumental Lessons
Please check the instrumental timetables IMMEDIATELY. Mrs Martin's piano lesson is teaching tomorrow (catch up lessons only) and Mrs Holling is coming into teach violin on Friday. Everyone else will be back in from Monday so be on the ball and take ownership!
For now, please check the school calendar for your concert dates, but we will be publishing the Concert Diary next week.
See you all very soon!
Miss Doan & Mr Guinane

Vocal Ensemble Auditions September 2011

Vocal Ensemble Auditions will take place on Thursday 8th September 2011 at lunchtime (not the day before, as previously advertised).  You will be expected to have prepared the chosen piece of music, which you should have collected at the end of last term.  We will test your range and give you some basic sight-singing.  Please turn up at the start of lunchtime (12.50pm).  You will receive a short talk about commitments etc and we will then audition you one by one.
Here are the following vacancies:
1 x Soprano 2 x Treble (boy) 1 x Alto 1 x Tenor 1x Bass
We expect our members to show a huge commitment to the weekly rehearsals of both Vocal Ensemble AND Choir.