Year 12 Homework: Tue 13th September 2011

Please answer the following questions for homework:

1) What is a madrigal and how does it differ from a motet?

2) For what purpose were they written?

3) Give an approximate time span when the madrigal flourished in England. To which English monarch do many madrigals often refer and why?

4) Identify the most influential composers of the English madrigal.

5) From what you have sung, can you identify any features or structure the madrigals have in common?

6) Who was Oriana and why was she significant?

7) Listen to As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending and identify as many passages as you can where the composer (Thomas Weelkes) has used the music to illustrate the text. Describe in detail how he has achieved this.

Click here for the playlist of madrigals from the lesson.

Due: Monday 19th September 2011

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