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A2 Music 16/10/09

I am so sorry not to be in your lesson again. You have a pack each waiting for you on my desk but here are your instructions too:

1) Listen to Act 1, scene 1 of PelléasetMélisande. Click here to download the playlist to Spotify.
2) DO some research into the following:
- The plot of the opera
- When it was written
- Musical features of Impressionism (use good Music books etc)
3) Do your best to fill in the boxes of the attached handout. You must have done some reading on the impressionist musical style before you are able to do this.
4) Consider how this music contrasts with Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder. Use the criteria in those boxes to help you to form some kind of answer – you don’t need to write an essay but can you make some notes on the contrasts for next lesson?
5) Please do it.

Due in: Friday 23rd October 2009

Good Morning Baltimore rehearsal

Please could the following students attend the Good Morning Baltimore rehearsal on Wednesday 21st October:

Nev (obviously...)
Lottie Allen
Ana Bee
Sophie Bagge
Lauren Bolger
Lucy Bethany
Jack Connors
Elise Cutforth
Bradley Fordham
Charlotte Graham
Joe Kaloczi
Sarah Llewelyn
Blaise Lewis
Katie McMillin
Steph McMillin
Maddie Odell
Anastasia Raymond
Abigail Turner-Morley


AS Jazz Homework

Set: Tuesday 13th October 2009

In your own words, write our definitions of all the jazz arrangements we have learned in today's lesson.

Due: Tuesday 20th October 2009

Hairspray Trip!

The following students are coming on the Hairspray trip this coming Wednesday 14th October. Rehearsals are still ON after school. We will leave school at 5pm, don't forget to bring food and a change of clothes.
We will be returning to the Quadrant by c.11.15pm. Please bring a mobile to call your parents/guardians when we approach St Albans!
Aisha Akinbinu
Emily Almond
Charlotte Allen
Christopher Allen
Luke Bainbridge
Sophie Bagge
Lucy Bethany
James Blake
Laura Blyth
Lauren Bolger
Harriet Brown
Jack Connors
Elise Cutforth
Anna Fordham
Bradley Fordham
Rebecka Fryer
Charlotte Graham
Megan Graham
Thomas Holmes
Susanna Hudson
Joe Kaloczi
Tulsi Khanna
Janavi Kramer
Blaise Lewis
Sarah Llewelyn
Jack Madley
Joe Madley
Anshula Mauree-Bain
Gabriella Mauro
Stephanie McMillin
Katie McMillin
Bex McMillin
Joseph Medforth
Madeleine Odell
William Pate
Daniel Rawle
Anastasia Raymond
Gabrielle Robertson
Ben Rodell
Nell Rogers
Holly Seglah
Joe Sheridan
Nev Stojkov
Alex Taylor
Joel Trounce
Jensen Tudtud
Gowtham Uthayakumar
Alexander Wells
Alexander W…

Year 10 GCSE Homework Thu 8/10/09

I'm so sorry to have missed all your lessons this week.

Please do some research into the following:
· The origins of waltz (where, when)
· The type of people who would have danced it
· The musical characteristics of the waltz (structure, tempo, metre, rhythm, melody, instrumentation..)
· The venues and occasions in which the music was performed – di dthe venue have an impact on performance?
· Names of composers and performers of the music
Make sure you use the internet to help you - don't just use the hand out you were given in lessons. You can write something, do something on powerpoint or nice handout with pictures. You won’t have to present it to anyone – just hand it in to me. Please be as detailed as you can. Due:Tuesday 13th October 2009.

AS Homework Tue 6/10/09

Jazz Homework:

In your own words, write out definitions of all the jazz forms we have learned in today's lesson (6/10/09).

Classical Homework:
Research FUGUE. Include definitions of subject, answer, episode and related keys, as well as any other relevant useful information.

All due: Tues 13th October, next lesson.