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Hairspray Rehearsals w/c 30th Dec

Well done to everyone who was there today. Please keep up the hard work - we're nearly there and it will be fabulous if EVERYONE puts in the effort.

Extra rehearsals:

Monday Lunchtime (Room 29): Big Doll House (dance)

Tuesday Lunchtime (60/61): Big Doll House (dialogue) and Without Love (finish blocking)

Wednesday Lunchtime (Room 29): I know where I've been (dialogue before then end of song)

Wednesday After school (Room 60/61): Big, Blonde and Beautiful

HAIRSPRAY Rehearsal Schedule for Thu 26th Nov

Please read and digest the following:

9am - Baltimore Crabs, Cooties, I know where I've been + Dynamites (Singing)

Without love (Blocking - then singing)

FULL CAST: Please arrive READY TO START AT 10am, i.e. please come earlier. Make sure you bring a packed lunch as there will be no time to go and get food.

10-12pm: Act 2, Scene 5 - blocking

I know where I've been - blocking

12pm-2pm: Run Act 2


Instead of whatever has been planned, please can we have the following:

Tuesday 24th Nov after school: Cooties, Nicest Kids and Edna and Wilbur

Wednesday 25th Nov after school: DT Kids

Please spread the word!

Hairspray - URGENT extra rehearsal!

Due to the tragic recent events, it has been necessary to postpone some Hairspray rehearsals and Miss Shepherd and I feel we are slightly behind schedule. We know this show has the potential to be absolutely fantastic but feel we could do with a bit more rehearsal time to consolidate and ensure that we absolutely rock all three nights.

We are proposing to have a FULL CAST rehearsal on Thursday 26th November 2009 from 10am-2pm. This is the first of our two days off next week. The late start gives you plenty of time for a much needed lie-in and time to get ready for any planned evening activities you may have.

If you are unable to make this rehearsal for any reason, please e-mail Miss Doan on the address below by Friday 20th November:
Please be aware that if you do not email and do not turn up, we may have to remove you from some ensemble numbers.
Please spread the word via your social networks etc.


Well done to those of you who came today. You worked really hard and it WILL be fantastic, as long as you keep going! Please make a note of the changes to the schedule: Wednesday 18th November (lunchtime): Big Doll House SINGING (Room 30) Friday 20th November (lunchtime): FULL CAST SING THROUGH WITH BAND (Room 31) - please be prompt. Please spread the word and get people to check the blog so they don't miss rehearsals.

Hairspray cast - additional information - please check!

As well as Big Doll House on Wednesday 11th November after school, please can the WHOLE CAST come for singing/dancing rehearsals for Welcome to the 60s and You can't stop the beat. This is the final time you will be rehearsing BOTH singing and dancing for these numbers before the run of Act 1 so you must attend. A reminder from Susie and Georgie that as well as the leads and Matron in the Big Doll House, the following need to attend with their tap shoes: Nell, Gabby, Charlotte Graham, Katie and Steph McMillin and Lottie Allen.

Hairspray Tickets

Tickets will be going on sale to the public from Wednesday 18th November from Room 6 at breaktime.
£7 and £4 for concessions (students and senior citizens). There will be cast and band priority for tickets on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th at breaktimes. You will need to bring enough money (cheques payable to Beaumont School) for tickets (no reservations). Only cast and band members can purchase tickets on these days.

AS Homework: Jazz and Classical - set on Tue 3/11/09

Jazz Homework: Write a concise paragraph or too about Jelly Roll Morton. Include the following information:

· Date and place of birth
· The type of music he played and the cities in which he worked
· The name of his “band”
· How is music was slightly different from that of other musicians of the time Due: Tuesday 10th November Classical: How many orchestral suites did Bach write? Are there any circumstances surrounding their composition, especially the 3rd orchestral suite? Due: Tuesday 10th November

Hairspray - extra rehearsals: PLEASE CHECK!

These are extra rehearsals/slight amendments to the schedule in order to keep on top of things.

Tuesday 3rd Nov (lunchtime, 60/61): Spritzer, Corny and Velma

Thursday 5th Nov (lunchtime, 29): Act 2, scene 4 Motormouth, Detention gang, Newscaster, Penny, Seaweed, Tracy, Link

Wednesday 11th November (after school, hall): Big Doll House - sing (if dancing is finished)

Thursday 12th November (lunchtime, hall or room 30 -tbc): Nicest Kids - dance and sing

Wednesday 18th November (lunchtime, room 30): Welcome to the 60s - dance and sing

Friday 20th November (after school): WATCH THIS SPACE

Tuesday 24th November (after school): Big, Blond and Beautiful (with Susannah or Georgie, whoever is not doing Cooties)

Wednesday 25th November (after school): Act 1, Scene 6: Nicest Kids, Corny, Spritzer, Edna, Wilbur, Penny, Tracy

Nev, Yolanda, Mikka and Erika - please can you find Miss Proctor and continue to work on vocals.

Chris and Jensen, please organise time with Wil.

If there are any other singers who woul…