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Year 10 Composition: Feedback 1

Click on the link below to hear the general verbal feedback from today's first composition lesson.  If you are going to work on this at home, please consider what we said.  If you didn't put this on your feedback sheet, then you should do so at the start of next lesson.
Feedback 1
Compose using your instruments, play through ideas. It all starts with trial and error.
Ms Doan

Year 10: Compositions for your instrument

We will be watching these in tomorrow's lesson:

Amadeus Concert: 29th September

Some of you will know that Ms Doan plays in a local chamber orchestra, the Amadeus Orchestra.  They will be playing some fantastic music this Saturday in St Saviour's Church, including R. Strauss' 1st horn concerto.   This would be fab for any exam class and members of the orchestra, but anyeone will enjoy it!
If you are at a loose end, do come!

Big Band: Essential Listening

Members of Big Band, 
Here are some links to the pieces we will be doing this term. They will only sound good if you listen to them and, heaven forbid, do some practice...
J.B. (Audio Download)
J.B. (Audio Stream)
'Round Midnight (Opens in a new window, can then be downloaded)
Here is a YouTube video of our 'Round Midnight arrangement:

Mr. Guinane

48 hour Joseph cast list

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  It was a strong field and we have made some tough decisions.  Congratulations to everyone who has been successful.  Please do not be disheartened if you did not get in.  Continue coming to Choir and drama clubs to develop your skills and confidence.

There is a meeting on Monday 24th September at breaktime in Room 30 for the cast  Please be prompt!

Joseph Oliver Davies & Tulsi Khanna
Narrators Ella Houghton & Laura Knill-Jones
Soloists for Potiphar's song Lucy Bethany, Rosie Goymer & Belle Haswell
Pharaoh Alex Lewis
Jacob/Potiphar Alex Wells
Reuben Sidney Brass
Simeon Theo Habbick
Levi Tom Holmes
Napthali Anshula Mauree-Bain
Issachar Patrick Quinn
Asher Becky Bainbridge
Dan Alisa da Palma
Zebulun Poppy Oliver
Gad Paul Knight
Judah Hannah Crisp
Benjamin Matthew Sims
Baker Rosie Goymer
Butler Belle Haswell
Jacob's wives Katie McMillin, Gabby Mauro, Anastasia Raymond, Emily Jarman, Phoenix Weston, Erika Yee, Sophie Bagge
Mrs Potiphar Sophie Bagge


Year 10 Sibelius

Here is the wallwisher, ready for today's lesson. Post your questions here:

Year 11: Composition Homework

Dear Year 11,
Your composition homework is to continue what we started in the lesson yesterday (18/09) and 'bring it to fruition'.
I expect:
A complete melody, and ideally a second section to your piece.An idea of the structure of the piece, and how it will be performed, et cetera.Don't forget dynamics, articulation and other 'musical' additions. You should produce:
Sheet music, ORA recording, ORA detailed annotation, ORAny combination of the above. It is due Wednesday 10th October, those not going on the Geography field trip will have the double on the 3rd to work on your pieces.
Any questions, please come and see me! Controlled assessment time is on the horizon!
Mr. Guinane

Some Year 9 Minimalism

This is the piece of Minimalism which has been playing when you enter a lot of your lessons. Some of you find it hypnotic and peaceful, others find it irritating!

Concert Band: Autumn Term 2012

Well done to everyone who came to Concert Band for the first rehearsal of the year! Welcome to new members from Year 7 and of course those who have joined us from other year groups too.  Copacobana will sound fab...if you actually know how it goes.  Below is the Barry Manilow's video as well as the famous tune Birdland which we will start next week too.  Enjoy getting to know them both!

Year 13: Miles Davis Comparisons

Here are your three videos for comparison:

1. The studio recording

2. The live recording (your set work)

3. The 'slow' recording

Please compare and contrast these extracts and provide a written summary (in either prose or detailed bullet points) of their similarities and differences.
Due: Mon 24th Sept
Mr. Guinane

Winning entry of 4' 33"

Congratulations to Yannick Mayaud who entered Edition Peters' competition to compose an original version of John Cage's 4'33" in his centenary year.  For those of you who don't know it,  it was composed in 1952 for any instrument (or combination of instruments), and the score instructs the performer not to play the instrument during the entire duration of the piece throughout the three movements (which, for the first performance, were divided into thirty seconds for the first, two minutes and twenty-three seconds for the second, and one minute and forty seconds for the third). The idea is that it is 4 minutes and 33 seconds of whatever you hear around you - although many consider this to be silence.
Yannick's entry is below, followed by a televised version in 2006 (full orchestral version).  Which one do you prefer?

Orchestra: Autumn 2012

Well done on a tough, yet fab first rehearsal. To help you along the way, you should watch these videos:

The original version of Sheep May Safely Graze is the aria from Bach's Cantata BWV 208. You can hear Emma Kirkby singing it here, albeit at a quicker tempo:

Year 11: Baroque and Classical Ensembles

As promised, here is the playlist from today's lesson:

Vocal Ensemble "homework"

Well done on today's rehearsal. Please go over all your music. It's hard and you must be properly  prepared for next week's rehearsal.  A reminder of what you need to do for next week:
Finzi Letter G-I (obviously finish the phrase!!)
Britten I. Introduction (the violin solo is one of the most haunting moments)
Please go over everything we have done today and we will then start with those.
Find out more about St Nicolas by clicking here.

Year 10 Homework: Disco (12/09/2012)

Hello Year 10,

Your homework:

1. Work on your dance moves

2. Use the following resources, along with notes from today's lesson and any other sources you find, to produce a summary sheet on disco:

GCSE Bitesize
An alternative PowerPoint

Please focus on the musical features, background, the dance, and significant artists/performers.

I look forward to seeing your work next Weds 19th Sept.

Many thanks,

Mr. Guinane

Year 11 Homework: Thursday 6th September

Please summarise the handout on Gamelan onto one side of A4.  These are revision notes for you so please make sure you understand what you are writing.
Due: Thursday 13th September 2012

Year 13: A2 set works

Here is the playlist for your A2 set works. There is one missing as it doesn't exist on Spotify - I will leave you to work that one out. For Ms Doan's lesson on Tuesday, please listen to the Haydn and you've already started the Miles Davis with Mr Guinane.  In Ms Doan's lesson tomorrow, we will get back into some harmony. Yay.

Training Choir and Vocal Ensemble Places

Many thanks to everyone who auditioned for Vocal Ensemble and Training Choir.  We were really impressed with the general standard and level of preparation you had put in.  For those of you who did not get in, please continue to come to choir to strengthen your voice and improve your tuning.  There will be plenty more opportunities for auditions in future years.
For those who are accepted into the Training Ensemble, your place is on condition that you remain a regular member of the main School Choir.  The aim is to improve your technique, and Emily and Emma will have lots of tips and advice on how to improve your sound.  Rehearsals will start on Monday 17th September at lunchtime and you have a St Peter's Lunchtime Concert on Wednesday 24th October as your first concert!
The following student has been awarded a place as Soprano 2 in Vocal Ensemble:  Lois Fordham. 
Please come and collect your music from me on Monday.
The following students have been awarded a place in the Training C…

48-hour Joseph

The time has come for next crazy plan! On Friday 19th- Sunday 21st October, the Music and Drama departments will be staging Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat with only 48 hours’ rehearsal time.  Rehearsals for this will be:

Friday 19th October: 1pm - 9pm Saturday 20th October: 9am-9pm Sunday 21st October:9am-8.30pm (Performance at 6pm)
If you are unable to make any of these times, then please do not audition.  We will not be allowing students to leave rehearsals to go to other commitments.
Anyone from Years 7-13 is eligible to audition.  
Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th September (lunchtime in Room 30): Years 10-13  You will be required to sing Close every door. You must be prepared. See below for the video.
Thursday 20th September (after school in Room 30): Years 7-9 You will be required to sing Any dream will do. You must be prepared. See below for the video. You will have to do some waiting around, so please come prepared and be patient.
We are also looking for 11 strong female …

Instrumental Timetables so far

The timetables are slowly going up so you need to keep checking every day.  We will post pictures up here if we have the time, but please pop in, say hi and check your time.

A few changes:

Violin will be taught by Ms Jacques this year on Mondays.
Mr Drew will teach drums on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Some of you will start this Wednesday (please see below).
Mr Kerntiff has reduced his hours so some of you will move to Mr Butler.

Please take ownership and check for your times this week.  Most lessons will start next week.