Year 11: Composition Homework

Dear Year 11,

Your composition homework is to continue what we started in the lesson yesterday (18/09) and 'bring it to fruition'.

I expect:

  • A complete melody, and ideally a second section to your piece.
  • An idea of the structure of the piece, and how it will be performed, et cetera.
  • Don't forget dynamics, articulation and other 'musical' additions.
You should produce:

  • Sheet music, OR
  • A recording, OR
  • A detailed annotation, OR
  • Any combination of the above.
It is due Wednesday 10th October, those not going on the Geography field trip will have the double on the 3rd to work on your pieces.

Any questions, please come and see me! Controlled assessment time is on the horizon!


Mr. Guinane

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