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Year 13: Revision tips for G356

A good way of revising for the essay questions is to come up with a bank of examples upon which you can draw depending on the essay title. I have shared this document with you which might help you start. Please do save a separate copy for yourself before editing. You can then do the same for the other works. Don't forget the key is to demonstrate that you have knowledge of usually two extensive passages from each work and a contemporary work. By using this grid system, you can cover double check that this is the case. The important thing is to make sure your grid is thorough. Then you can plan the essays I have given you and write some if you can. Good luck!

Programme Music (symphonic music from 1820s and onwards) An introduction

Here is the powerpoint used in today's lesson: Thursday 27th May 2010.

Programme music symphonic music from 1820 onwards - introView more presentations from hanhdoan.

Homework: Listen to Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture on the Spotifyplaylist (or click here to go directly to it) from 5:57-7:25. Complete the 1st table of your handout, noting any features which reflect the conflict between Romeo and Juliet. Due: Tuesday 8th June 2010

G356: Essay structure and suggested reading

A suggested essay structure for G356, Section B has been shared with you on Google Docs. Those not in the A2 group can find it by clicking here. I have made it clear that you need to do some wider reading. The extract from Dahlhaus' Nineteenth Century Music which I gave you a while back can also be found on Google Books by clicking here. You need to read from page 192-217. As well as reading about the composers specifically, make sure you read generally around the subject too. I will post more suggestions later. Essay practice is now down to you. You have a list of them which you need to cover before your exam. You must also revisit Dido and Aeneas and Venus and Adonis as it's been a while since we have studied or written about them.

Friday 21/5/10: A Ceremony of Carols

The document has been shared via your Google Docs account. You can also click here to download it.

The Spotify Playlist for this lesson can be found here.

Year 12 Revision Session Tue 18th May

In this session (starting at 12.05pm) we will be going through the G353 Specimen Paper (tracks available below). It would be useful if you have done this before then. Please don't forget there are only 2 weeks left until your G353 exam. Please ensure you have a CD walkman with fresh batteries ready for the exam.

AS Listening Tracks

This is the final time I will post these tracks. You have 7 days to download. If not, you have missed your chance.

Here are the tracks for the G353 Specimen Paper. If you have lost it, the links to the paper are in a previous post.

Extract 1A Passage 1i
Extract 1A Passage 1ii
Extract 1A Passage 1iii
Extract 1B Passage 1i
Extract 1B Passage 1ii
Extract 1B Passage 1iii
Extract 2A
Extract 2B
Extract 3

AS 2008 Listening Paper (handed out on Tuesday 11th May)

*The paper I gave you is not correct - it's for the January 2008, not June. Click here for the paper that goes with these tracks and here for the INSERT. Many apologies.*

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9

A2 Homework: Fri 14th May 2010

Well done on making it in today!
Please do the relevant listening papers set for Tuesday.

You also need to plan carefully (with all the examples) the following essay:

Illustrate the ways in which the drama is interpreted in the music of WEST SIDE STORY. Support your answers with detailed references to at least two extended passages from the work.

Due: Tuesday 18th May 2010

Year 10 GCSE: Area of Study 4 (an introduction) 13/5/10

Here are the resources I used in today's lesson.

Click here for your handout.

Click here for the Spotify playlist for the whole of this Area of Study.

Below is the Powerpoint:

Area of study 4 an introductionView more presentations from hanhdoan.

Consortium INSET at Francis Bacon 11/05/10

Below is the powerpoint from this INSET. Please feel free to email me if you would like more details. Happy podcasting!

An introduction to podcasting 110510 consortium inset 2View more presentations from hanhdoan.

Year 13 Homework Fri 7th May 2010 (and more playlists)

Homework: please do the 2008 Listening paper for Tuesday 11th May. You may leave out the dictation but it wouldn't hurt to do it!

Please also listen to all of Walton's Belshazzar's Feast, following the score. On Tuesday we will be focussing on "Praise ye" - track 4 on the playlist and from pages 39-56. However, you MUST listen to the rest of the work for it to make sense. Click here for the Spotify playlist.

Click here for the Spotify link to West Side Story.

Year 10 Performances

Your Performances will be found on the CRL from Monday 10th May. I will give you your marks on Tuesday. As I have mentioned in a previous post, re-recordings will take place on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Please make sure you come at the start of lunch.

Here is the schedule so far:

Wednesday 12th May: Georgia

Thursday 20th May: Ben, Gaby

Wednesday 26th May: Sarah and Sarah

Thursday 10th June: Chloe

Wednesday 30 June: Belle

Year 10: use of computers in controlled assessment

As promised, here is a list of students who will need a computer for controlled assessment on each date. If you don't need it, that's fine. If you haven't booked one but would like one on the day, just let me know.

Tuesday 11th May: Belle, Robyn, Luke, Paul, Sarah O Wednesday 12th May: Luke, Robyn, Yannick, Paul, Belle

Tuesday 18th May: Claire, Yannick, Luke, Anna, Belle, Callum, Paul, Vicky, Sarah, Hannah Thursday 20th May: Luke, Claire, Belle, Robyn, Hannah, Sarah O

Tuesday 25th May: Ellie, Yannick, Luke, Robyn, Belle, Callum Wednesday 26th May: Anna, Luke, Claire, Georgia, Yannick, Sarah O, Robyn, Belle
We will sort out dates after half term on Thursday 27th May.

Year 10 Controlled Assessment Calendar (until Summer 2010)

Below is a list of the sessions planned for Controlled Assessment: Composition 1. Where a Tuesday or Wednesday is unavailable for various reasons, I have put in a Thursday. You will see that there are only 8 of your 10 hours allocated here. If you wish to use other 2 hours, see me after the end of the composition sessions and we can arrange for you to complete your work in luncthimes or after school.
The final version of Performance 1 must be re-recorded by Monday 12th July in order for it to be marked so you can write paragraph 3 in the final week. Opportunities for this will be Wednesdays or Thursday lunchtimes. A schedule will be sorted in tomorrow's lesson.


Tuesday 11thSession 1

Wednesday 12thSession 2

Tuesday 18thSession 3

Thursday 20thSession 4

Tuesday 25th May Session 5

Wednesday 26th May Session 6


Wednesday 9thSession 7

Thursday 10thSession 8

Tuesday 22ndSession 9

Wednesday 23rdSession 10

Tuesday 29thSession 11

Wednesday 30thSession 12


Wednesday 7thSession 13

Thursday 8thSessi…

Year 12 :G353 Specimen paper

You will receive the papers but not the tracks. These are available for download until Sunday 9th May so please download them beforehand.

Click here for the paper.
Click here for Insert 1.
Click here for Insert 2.

Here are the tracks. Click on the relevant one and save. Extract 1A (Passage 1.i) Extract 1A (Passage 1.ii) Extract 1A (Passage 1.iii) Extract 1B (Passage 1.i) Extract 1B (Passage 1.ii) Extract 1B (Passage 1.iii) Extract 2A Extract 2B Extract 3 We will go through the answers next week if you wish to do so. You should also attempt one of the essays at the end. Mark scheme for the essay is at the back of the paper.