Year 10: use of computers in controlled assessment

As promised, here is a list of students who will need a computer for controlled assessment on each date. If you don't need it, that's fine. If you haven't booked one but would like one on the day, just let me know.

Tuesday 11th May: Belle, Robyn, Luke, Paul, Sarah O
Wednesday 12th May: Luke, Robyn, Yannick, Paul, Belle

Tuesday 18th May: Claire, Yannick, Luke, Anna, Belle, Callum, Paul, Vicky, Sarah, Hannah
Thursday 20th May: Luke, Claire, Belle, Robyn, Hannah, Sarah O

Tuesday 25th May: Ellie, Yannick, Luke, Robyn, Belle, Callum
Wednesday 26th May: Anna, Luke, Claire, Georgia, Yannick, Sarah O, Robyn, Belle


We will sort out dates after half term on Thursday 27th May.

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