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Year 11: Creative Task Arrangements


The creative task will take place on Weds 17th April (the first Wednesday back).

Click here for the timetable.


Don't forget your instrument.

Any questions, tweet us or send us an email.

Good luck.


Sit Down You're Rocking to Boat

Easter Concert Rehearsal Schedule

Please make sure you have read this and spread the word:

Breaktime: Big Band to come and set up Lesson 4: Big Band Lesson 5: Orchestra Lunchtime: Vocal Ensemble followed by String Group Lesson 6: Choir, Male Voice Choir and Training Ensemble Lesson 7: Concert Band After School: Year 12 Choir 6pm: Guitar Ensemble followed by Consortium Orchestra
Wind Ensemble will not perform this time due to some 6th form absence on the evening.
You are required to sign into the Music Department by 6.30pm. Concert starts at 7pm. Tickets are £4/2, available on the door.
Concert dress is SMART all black or black and white*, BLACK SHOES or full winter uniform.  
*Girls, please wear skirts (of the correct length) or trousers, NOT leggings or skinny jeans.
Those in incorrect or inappropriate dress will not be allowed to perform.
See Miss Doan or Mr Guinane if you have any (quality) questions.

Year 13: 2 part writing

Here is the playlist, as promised:

Big Band: Dates and Information

Dear Big Band,

Unfortunately I will not be in this Thursday so Big Band will not run.

Some dates for your diary:

Tues 26th March: Easter Concert (for everyone!). We will be performing Old Devil Moon.

Sat 8th June: Beaumont 7th Anniversary Ball (rehearsal and performance times tbc)


We have been selected to appear in the final of St. Albans Young Musician 2013. This is exciting.

The final takes place on Sunday 28th April, at St. Albans Cathedral, at around 1pm. We will be performing L'il Darlin' aka Ed Calvert plays the Jazz Bassoon.

I will give you more information nearer the time, but if you cannot make this date please come and see me as soon as possible.

Please expect a letter detailing both of these events to come your way very soon.

All the best,

Mr Guinane

GCSE and A Level Surgery next week

Due to staff being out of school next Thursday, GCSE Surgery will NOT run on Thursday 21st March as previously advertised.  We will be available on Monday-Wednesday after school and most lunchtimes too.
Ms Doan and Mr Guinane

Year 11 Coursework

1) Completion of compositions
2) Completion of B351 (commentary, brief etc for Composition 1)
3) Composition 2 log (B352)

All available in the CRL: Pupil Area/Music/Year 11

Don't forget you will have done quite a bit of your written work already. Check your folders.

House Music Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part.  You worked hard all day and we were really impressed with how you all came together to produce some high quality performances.
Taking into account both of your performances during the day, as well as the criteria, we have awarded the following places:
1st: Luther King 2nd: Elgar 3rd: Austen
All of placings were very close and it was a very difficult decision.

Well done to everyone.

Year 13: Miles Davis Recap


Please find your work from today's lesson below.
Mr Guinane

Year 12: Mozart Notes and Tavener UPDATED 13/03

Hi Year 12,

Below you will find your Mozart whiteboards from today's lesson. These were very good, well done.

Ahead of next week, and a continuation of the Tavener, please read the following:

1. Some notes on the piece, supplied by Edexcel, available here.
2. The entry of Tavener on Grove (library cards required).
3. If you are feeling brave, some extra analysis (Page 1 and Page 2).
4. Have a listen to Jonathan Cross' excellent talk on serialism from 'The Rest is Noise' festival, available here.

Enjoy, see you all next week.

Mr. Guinane

House Music CED - 13/03/2013

Your task: In your houses, prepare a performance of:
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds and A song of your choice
You will select one piece to perform to Miss Doan and Mr Guinane (before lunch), and select one to perform to your peers this afternoon.
The rules: 1. Everyone in the house must make a significant contribution to both performances 2. Be considerate, and share equipment between houses, organising rotas if necessary 3. Song choice: pick something appropriate, not too difficult and musically appealing. We will help with location of lyrics and music but the majority of this must be done by yourselves. 4. Both songs must include vocals

Performances and judging:
At 13:30, your help is required in moving equipment to the hall. You will have LIMITED time to set up, SO THINK ABOUT THIS CAREFULLY WHEN PLANNING YOUR PERFORMANCES.
You will lose points for FAFFING! Criteria: Involvement Quality of singing Quality of instrumental work Co-operation Creativity
The judges’ decision is final.
Have fun, get involved…

SASSMA Arrangements: Friday & Monday

Friday 8th March 

9.10am Massed Choir members meet at the Music Department and leave for Loreto via minibus
9.30am Rehearsal at Loreto College
11.30am Return to Beaumont for the rest of school (and BBC filming, if you are in the orchestra)

Monday 11th March (Bring a packed lunch!)

11.50am Meet at Music Department
12.00pm Go to Central Drive to get coach to Alban Arena
3.00pm Leave Alban Arena after rehearsal and return to school (unless you are in Philo)
7.00pm Meet at the Alban Arena
7.30pm Concert begins.  Tickets available at the Alban Arena box office

Dress Code: 

Orchestra: 6th form - everyone wear smart all black
Vocal Ensemble: VE uniform
Massed Choir: Black and white

We will only accept quality questions.

Ms Doan

Year 11: Creative Task

Dear Year 11,

Your creative task exam will take place on WEDNESDAY 17TH APRIL.
You will receive a 'slot' closer to the time.
We will do more creative task practice in lessons before then, and we are happy to give you guidance on 'practice' submissions.
Any questions please come and talk to us.

Year 11: Deadlines

Dear Year 11,

EVERYTHING coursework related must be handed in by FRIDAY 22ND MARCH.

If you are at all unsure as to what to hand in, you will find an electronic version of my amazing checklist here. I want to sign EVERYONE's list. You all have one.

There are several slots available if you have any remaining controlled assessment time left. Just come and speak to us.

You have all worked very hard throughout the course, make sure your coursework submissions are indicative of your hard work.

Take ownership and get it all sorted. Talk to us if you have any questions or issues.


BBC Filming: Orchestra this Friday

We have had a call from the BBC looking for an school orchestra to film as part of their BBC Learning Zone series which is aimed at bringing classical music to younger children.  They would like to come to Beaumont and film the Orchestra (no sound!!!) including some close up shots of specific instruments after school this Friday from2.50-4.50pm. The school will be acknowledged in the credits and programme will be shown on BBC2 some time in the coming months between those popular hours of 3am-5am (but it will be available on iPlayer).
You will need to complete permission forms (these will be available from Wednesday morning) and you can see that the time span could extend to two hours.  I think you will be required for most of it, so this is advanced warning.  Please do everything you can to make it free - this is a fabulous opportunity.  Come and see me if you think this is a problem.  We will still be rehearsing for SASSMA on Monday 11th March.
The BBC would like you to wear casual clo…

Ravel: Le jardin féerique from Ma Mère l'oye

As promised to the orchestra, here is the simply ravishing final movement from Ravel's Mother Goose suite.  Please listen and enjoy before Friday's rehearsal.