BBC Filming: Orchestra this Friday

We have had a call from the BBC looking for an school orchestra to film as part of their BBC Learning Zone series which is aimed at bringing classical music to younger children.  They would like to come to Beaumont and film the Orchestra (no sound!!!) including some close up shots of specific instruments after school this Friday from 2.50-4.50pm. The school will be acknowledged in the credits and programme will be shown on BBC2 some time in the coming months between those popular hours of 3am-5am (but it will be available on iPlayer).

You will need to complete permission forms (these will be available from Wednesday morning) and you can see that the time span could extend to two hours.  I think you will be required for most of it, so this is advanced warning.  Please do everything you can to make it free - this is a fabulous opportunity.  Come and see me if you think this is a problem.  We will still be rehearsing for SASSMA on Monday 11th March.

The BBC would like you to wear casual clothes, so you will need to change very quickly after school.  Please avoid large brand names on your clothes - small logos are fine.


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