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Area of Study 3 (Dance Music): Irish jigs and reels

Below are the resources for this topic:

PowerPoint presentation from the lesson (with hyperlinks to the Spotify tracks from the lesson)
the two videos from the lesson
Spotify playlist for revisionEnjoy!
Click here for the Spotify playlist. This has more tracks for you.
Irish jigs and reels

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Year 10 GCSE Performances: Summer Term 2011

Due to the Year 11s finishing their performances a bit later than anticipated, I have had to move your performances to after Easter (I don't think you're going to be too sad about this!).
Please come early to warm up, tune up and even rehearse with me. If you need me to accompany you, I need the music in advance please! There will be an opportunity to re-record your performances but you can see from the busy timetable that it can be difficult to fit in. Please practise hard!
Monday 9th May 20111.05pm Megan Beaven1.20pm Kirsten BellTuesday 10th May 20111.05pm Louisa Briguglio1.25pm Beth ClementsMonday 16th May 20111.05pm Alisa da Palma1.20pm Sophie HeseltonMonday 23rd May 20111.05pm Matthew Knight1.20pm Kathy LauTuesday 24th May 20111.05pm Catriona McCall1.20pm Antonia McDonnellMonday 6th June 20111.05pm Monika Mistry1.20pm Chloe PattendenTuesday 7th June 20111.05pm Ally Pugh1.20pm Paaras RawalMonday 13th June 20111.05pm Sophia Tarsounas1.20pm Chloe WatsonWednesday 15th June 2…

GCSE Creative Task: B354 TIMETABLE

You will see the date of this on the post below, but here is the link to the timetable. You will receive a copy of this and may amend your resources if you wish - make sure you let me know.
Nearly there!
Miss Doan

GCSE Creative Task: B354

The date of your Creative Task is Wednesday 27th April 2011. Timetable to be announced.

AoS2: Shared Music - Indian Classical Music

Here is a link to the Spotify playlist for Indian Classical Music. Enjoy!

Area of Study 3 (Dance Music): American Line Dancing

Here is one of the videos from the lesson, as well as a playlist for you. There is no powerpoint this time as it's a video file. You will have taken relevant notes to support your revision!

Click here for your Spotifyplaylist of American line dancing tracks.

Year 11 Final Controlled Assessment Dates

Below is a list of the time you have left for each of your components. Final dates for Controlled Assessment Sessions:Monday 21st March – lunchtime and after schoolTuesday 22nd March - lunchtime and after schoolThursday 24th March – lunchtime and after schoolPlease ensure you have printed out a copy of the following and put it in your folders:B351 Appraisal (one with the four boxes)Composition 1Composition 2B352 brief, log and evaluation1)Please do this by Friday 25th March 2011 (I don’t want to have to chase you).

AS and A2 Deadlines

AS Music: ComposingThis deadline should not be a problem because you should be completing your work each week in controlled coursework sessions. Jack, Shoked and Ben Jones, you must ensure that you get in your 15 hours before the deadline - you have had nearly all term so it shouldn't have been a problem if you have been going each week. Here are the deadlines for your compositions (it is down to you to take responsibility for your 15 hours):
Tuesday 5th April: You must hand in your composition and recording (this is not included in your 15 hours) by 3.30pm to Miss Doan
Thursday 7th April: In this lesson you will write up your answers to the questions relating to your composition.

A2: Harmony and Composing Wednesday 30th March: All harmony extracts due in to Miss Doan and composing due in to Mrs Paul.

Year 11: Tuesday 15th March 2011

As I am away, I would like you to do the following in this lesson once you are settled in Room 10.
You must either 1) continue with your composing or 2) write up your log (this is for people who have finished composing).
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT TODAY AND TOMORROW ARE YOUR FINAL SESSIONS IN LESSON TIME. After school sessions will be provided on Tuesday 22nd March and Thursday 24th March until 5.30pm. These sessions are for you to finish your composing or logs/evaluations.
If you are ready to write up your brief, logs and evaluations, log onto the Pupil Area and in the Area of Study 1 folder, you will find the pro-forma for B352 Log and Evaluation. Make sure you save the file to your own area. You may only write up your brief and log today. Don't forget you wrote your brief earlier in the term. Please delete my red comments when you have finished. Please make sure you give musical reasons for your decisions. I have given you the dates of your controlled assessment sessions, but am a…

Year 12: Concerto for Double String Orchestra: rhythm and metre

These videos are taking absolutely ages to upload so I've only managed Rachel's and Shoked's presentation. I will try and put the others in the BeauSandVer X Drive when I get into school tomorrow and will let you know where I put them. Otherwise it's looking like one video per night, which is not ideal, I know!

Year 12 Wider Listening: Webern

As a supplement to your homework this week, I have found this radio programme from BBC Radio 3's excellent Discovering Music series:
BBC Radio 3 - Discovering Music - Listening to Webern
It should come in very useful!
Mr. Guinane

GCSE AoS 4: Descriptive Music

Year 12 Homework Thu 10th March (Mr. Guinane)

I don't want to set too much this week as you have a rather substantial essay to write for Miss Doan. However I do want you to get better acquainted with the Webern.
The Spotify link is here.
Here is a link to a PDF containing the full tone rows for this piece (all sharps or all flats).
Here is what I would like you to do:
Listen to the piece and try to identify (roughly) the overall shape. Are any sections contrasting/similar to any other sections? In what way? Try to sketch a basic outline of the piece.
Is there a central climax to the piece? If so, where? How did you identify it?
Make some rough notes on harmony, tonality, melody, rhythm and metre.
I want to see evidence that you have thought about and worked through these short tasks, rough notes on paper/the score will suffice, but it is important you do this to ensure you get the most from Thursday's lesson when we delve deeper into the use of tone rows.
Any questions email me, or I will be around P1/P2 on Tuesday.
Mr. Gui…

Year 12 Homework: Thursday 10th March

Your homework is to answer the following essay question: Describe the key features of neo-classicism in the 1st movement of Tippett's Concerto for Double String Orchestra. Refer to structure, rhythm and metre, harmony and tonality, texture and any other features of note.

Due: Thursday 17th March 2011

You should use the information from each other's presentations and ensure that you give me an essay plan as well. I will post videos of your presentations as well as the powerpoint which Shoked and Rachel prepared. It is crucial you work hard to include as much detail as you can. From next week we wil be really refining your essay technique as we will have covered all of the set works.

SASSMA: reply slips

Please make sure you bring your reply slip to me today or tomorrow. If you do not do this, we will be unable to take you to the rehearsal tomorrow.

SASSMA reminder: Tuesday 8th March 2011

Just a quick reminder about what you need to do on Tuesday:
Please leave lesson 3 a few minutes early so that you arrive at the Music Block ON TIME. Please do not make a stop at the canteen - bring your own snacks and lunch.
We will leave promptly for the Alban Arena - bring your instruments and Vocal Ensemble, please bring your folders.
If you are not in Philomusica, we will be returning to school by 3.25pm.
Dress code is SMART all black or school uniform. Please ensure shoes are smart as well and that you are wearing APPROPRIATE concert dress. You may wear your Prague hoody to the rehearsal but please don't put it on until you arrive in Music.
The Concert starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from the Alban Arena Box Office and are £5 and £3 (I think). You will need to be at the Alban Arena for 7pm in the evening.
Looking forward to it.

Year 12: Concerto for Double String Orchestra (Tippett)

Your task is to research and give a presentation on the key features of Tippett's the 1st movement of Concerto for Double String Orchestra.
You will work in pairs and after a short introduction from me, you will only be able to ask me or Mr Guinane5 questions between us (per pair). Each pair will be assigned an element to present. Whilst this should be your focus, you will be more than aware that all of them overlap so you will probably need to mention other elements in your presentation.
Your presentation should bear in mind that a typical essay question could be something like "Describe the key features of neo-classicism in the 1st movement of the Concerto for Double String Orchestra".
Here are your pairs: Ben W & Jack - harmony and tonality Rachel & Shoked - rhythm/metre Phoebe & Ben J - Texture Franki & Matthew - Structure
More details in tomorrow's lesson. See you then with your homework!

Some Tango videos

Here are some videos which will be quite useful for you:
Vincent and Flavia explain the Argentine Tango and its origins:

Vincent and Flavia dance to Piazzola'sLibertango:

For the Swingle Singers' version of the Libertango, please click here to watch it on a recent blog post.

Area of Study 3 (Dance Music): Tango

Below is the powerpoint used in the lesson and click here for the Spotify playlist. There are hyperlinks on the powerpoint too.

Area of Study 3: TangoView more presentations from hanhdoan.

Year 11 Controlled Coursework...Final sessions

Final lessons for Composition 2 are as follows:Thursday 3rd March Wednesday 9th March Thursday 10th March
This takes you up to 9 hours (you are allowed 10 hours in total).
The two write up lessons (log and evaluation) will be on: Tuesday 15th March Wednesday 16th March
You are allowed 2 hours for this so any more time you need will have to be in extra sessions.
I will then put on the following sessions for those of you who need the extra hour of composing or writing (or have been away for some lessons):
Monday 21st March - lunchtime and after school Tuesday 22nd March - lunchtime and after school Thursday 23rd March - lunchtime and after school
Please be organised and make sure you sort yourselves out. We're nearly there!
Finally...your creative task will be on Wednesday 27th April 2011 (the first day of Summer Term). Don't stress about this yet.
Come and talk to me if you have issues.