Year 12 Homework Thu 10th March (Mr. Guinane)

I don't want to set too much this week as you have a rather substantial essay to write for Miss Doan. However I do want you to get better acquainted with the Webern.

The Spotify link is here.

Here is a link to a PDF containing the full tone rows for this piece (all sharps or all flats).

Here is what I would like you to do:

Listen to the piece and try to identify (roughly) the overall shape. Are any sections contrasting/similar to any other sections? In what way? Try to sketch a basic outline of the piece.

Is there a central climax to the piece? If so, where? How did you identify it?

Make some rough notes on harmony, tonality, melody, rhythm and metre.

I want to see evidence that you have thought about and worked through these short tasks, rough notes on paper/the score will suffice, but it is important you do this to ensure you get the most from Thursday's lesson when we delve deeper into the use of tone rows.

Any questions email me, or I will be around P1/P2 on Tuesday.


Mr. Guinane

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