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Orchestra: information for next week

Just to clarify what is happening next Friday.  Please arrive in the hall straight after school (2.40pm) for a rehearsal, some of which will be joint with the Luxembourg orchestra.  The rehearsal will go on until 5pm.
Pieces you need: - Can Can - Marche Militaire - Night on a Bare Mountain - Ashokan Farewell
Senior Strings: -Pachelbel's Canon
At 5pm we will be entertaining the Luxembourg folk in the music block with snacks and Fanta.  Please join us.
The concert starts at 6.30pm and will last approximately 50 minutes.  6th form please wear smart all black (usual rules about lengths of skirts, no leggings etc) and Years 7-11, your full winter uniform.  You may be required to bring in a stand but we will let you know as soon as we can.
It should be a really good concert, so please encourage people to come.

Year 10 Questions

Questions on the Raindrop Prelude:

1) Why is the piano prelude nicknamed the 'Raindrop'?
2) Name four different subjects favoured for musical expression by Romantic composers.
3) What type of piece is a prelude?
4) Describe the basic outline of the structure of this piece.
5) How are contrasted moods achieved in section A and B? Make two points.
6) Name two main keys used in this piece.
7) Name two keyboard techniques needed for an expressive interpretation of the music.
8) Which note is used throughout the music as a representation of the falling raindrops?
9) Name two different ornaments used in the music.
10) What name is given to the prevailing texture found in this music?

Menin Gate

Here is the first of many videos from tour:

Year 8: Suffolk Morris

Click here to listen to it.

Big Band Jazz Eve Info - One Week to go!

Final Rehearsals

Mon lunch - everyone expect rhythm

Weds lunch - backing singers

Thurs lunch - everyone

Thurs after school - everyone until 6pm

Sat - 3-5pm, band call at 7.00pm

Dress Code: Black suits and bow ties for men, appropriate dresses for ladies

Be on it, practice!

BELGIUM: Emergency Phone Numbers

For those involved with the Belgium tour,

The emergency phone numbers are listed below. Please only use these in the event of an emergency.

Mr Guinane: 07706 484338
Ms Doan: 07582 333789

Thank you.


Hello singers!

Please can we meet at 10am prompt, not the start of lesson 3. We need to warm up very quickly and then I have assigned you your method of transport below!  It's a tricky one, but should work.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR MUSIC (Niamh, lots of you in TE) as I do not have spares.
A reminder:
Years 10-11: Full winter uniform, skirts of appropriate length Years 12-13: SMART all black.  No leggings please, girls (and boys), and skirts/dresses of an appropriate length. Smart shoes also please.
Please bring a packed lunch, though there will be some snacks for you.  We will return to school for lesson 7.  
Should be a cracking concert - looking forward to it.
Ms D
Anastasia - Beth, Niamh (later) Mrs Brass - Sid, Ollie, Tom and Tom DG - Michael, Patrick, Bethany Lincoln, Hannah Carruthers Alice W -  Emily W, Alice H, Megan, Naomi

Minibus - Doan, Laura KJ, Katie, Amalia, Naomi CJ, Beth DM, Chloe DM, Mae, Poppy Oliver, Molly Robbins, Tamsin Sandford-Smith, Raya, Becky, Lucy, Hannah Crisp,La…

Tour Repertoire and Concert Set Lists

Hello Belgium people!

This is a list of what we will be performing on tour, organised by concert.

If you need Music to practice, hound a teacher until they give it to you.

Concert 1: Retirement Home

Big Band:
Salt Peanuts
Old Devil Moon

Concert Band:
Relight my fire
ABBA Medley

Vaughan-Williams Folk Song Suite
Ashokan Farewell

Laudate Dominum


Down to the river to pray
How can I keep from singing?

Vocal Ensemble and Training Ensemble Girls:
Ave maria

Vocal Ensemble:
The longest time
And so it goes
As torrents in Summer

Senior Strings:
Corelli/Pachelbel's Canon


Concert 2: Castle in Ghent

Vocal Ensemble
As torrents in Summer
The longest time


Thou knowest, lord


Concert 3: Menin Gate

Vocal Ensemble:
They shall grow not old

Thou knowest, lord
National Anthem


Concert 4: Brussels Cathedral

Thou knowest, lord
Down to the river to pray
How can I keep from singing?

Vocal Ensemble:
Sicut Cervus
O magnum mysterium
They shall grow not ol…

Year 13: Selected Gamelan Resources

Hi Year 13,

Please find below some additional Gamelan resources for your reading pleasure.

Complex Gamelan Notes
Southbank Gamelan Notes
Edexcel Gamelan Notes
Gamelan Notes (Among two other pieces)

Have fun,

Mr Guinane

AS and A2 Performances

Hi All, 
This is to confirm that your AS/A2 performances will take place on the morning of Friday 27th March 2015 at any time between 8.30am-12.30pm.  Your accompanist (should you require one) will be the legend who is Dr Winter.  You will have time to go over a few things, but if you want a full rehearsal with him, you will need to contact him directly - I will give you details if you want them.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own accompanist if you would prefer, but please let me know.
Whether you are being accompanied or not, please bring a copy of the following to the Music Office before half term:
1) a copy of YOUR music (if you are not singing, then your part without the accompaniment is fine) 2) a copy of any piano accompaniments
IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU DO THIS ON TIME.  You could hand this in with your proposed programme (if you haven't done that already).
We can discuss recital times this week, but if you have any special requests, please let me know asap …