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Year 12 Homework 30/09/10 (HDo)

Write up your notes from today's and last week's lesson, giving details of the different parts of fugue, ensuring that you comment on keys as well. Refer to the C minor fugue from Book 1 of The Well Tempered Clavier or if you fancy a challenge, have a go at analysing the C major fugue from the same book.
Due: Tuesday 5th October 2010

Year 13 Bach Chorales

Here is a link to the Bach Chorale playlist which accompanies the booklet given out in the lesson. We will be listening to, singing and analysing them in lessons. How exciting!

Year 12 Homework 23rd September

You will need to ensure you have a detailed structure for Alligator Crawl complete with timings.
If you missed copying the structure we sketched either copy notes from someone else, or listen to the track and DIY!
The Spotify playlist for the set works is here, and I am currently building a general jazz listening playlist that can be found here.
I am still waiting for a couple of homeworks from last week, get them to me as soon as possible either in person or via email (
Finally, I recommend you read this article to help contextualise the first set work.
Keep listening, see you next week.

Year 12 Homework 23rd September

Listen to C major and C minor fugues from Book 1 of the Well Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach. Make sure you follow your scores too. Click here for the Spotifyplaylist to Glenn Gould's performances.
Due: Thursday 30th September 2010

Year 10 Homework Wednesday 22nd September

You need to choose a piece of music for your instrument about which you will also need to write. The piece should contain a variety of techniques but you should be able to play it well. I recommend that your piece is in a style in which you might consider composing.

Complete the table given out in lessons in preparation for next lesson. This can also be found here. Due: Monday 27th September 2010

Year 11 Homework: Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Listen to Danse Macabre by Saint-Saëns from the Spotify playlist (click here).

Write a paragraph describing how the music of Danse Macabre expresses the various parts of the poem by Henri Cazalis. You do not have to cover everything, just find your highlights. (You may wish to refer to instruments, rhythm, melody, pitch, dynamics, texture or any other features that are relevant).

Due: Tuesday 28th September 2010

English Translation of the poem:

Zig, zig, zig, Death in cadence, Striking a tomb with his heel, Death at midnight plays a dance-tune,

Zig, zig, zag, on his violin.

The winter wind blows, and the night is dark;

Moans are heard in the linden trees.

White skeletons pass through the gloom,

Running and leaping in their shrouds.

Zig, zig, zig, each one is frisking,

You can hear the cracking of the bones of the dancers.

A lustful couple sits on the moss

So as to taste long lost delights.

Zig zig, zig, Death continues

The unending scraping on his instrument.

A veil has fallen! The dancer is naked.


Year 11 Homework Wed 15th September

Please do the following for homework:

1) Research basic facts about Billy the Kid by Aaron Copland. Include:

Date and circumstances of composition
The names of the movements and a basic description of each title
Anything else of interest
2) You must also complete the table in your handout for the Gun Battle. Make sure you listen to it (click here for the track) and try and use as much terminology (musical terms) as possible. The document is online here.
Due: Tuesday 21st September 2010

Year 13 Prescribed Works

Here are the Spotify links to your prescribed works.
Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell: click here. Die Walkure by Richard Wagner: click here. West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein: click here.

Harmony Homework:
Finish the exercise on page 73 which we started in the lesson.
On page 75, harmonise the first two phrases of Ex 1 and Ex 2.

Year 12: Instrumental presentations and homework

Click here is a link to the pieces of music to which you referred in your presentations.
Homework: write a 16 bar melody, using a question and answer phrase if you would like, which will form the basis of your first task next week. Make sure you are clear about the key of your melody. You may add chords if you wish. Due: Tuesday 21st September 2010

Year 10 Homework from Thu 10/09/10

Year 10 this week will need to produce notes on the 'Blue Danube Waltz'.

Please focus on the composer, when it was composed and the type of piece it is (purpose), look into how it has been used since, and feel free to add any other information you may find interesting.

You can submit this to me in any form, for instance bullet points on an A4 sheet or a PowerPoint. Please have this ready for Period 3 next Thursday (17/09/10).

Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Jazz Homework from Thu 10/09/10

To begin the year you simply need to construct a timeline (from 1900 to 1980, though some artists will spill over the ends), for the following artists:

Charlie Parker
Louis Armstrong
Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Bix Beiderbecke
Dizzy Gillespie

Please include birth and death dates, as well as the period in which they were making music, as accurately as you can. I would like to add to and annotate this timeline as we progress through the year, so bear this in mind when sizing your timeline (fill one A4 side).

Please have this ready for next week's lesson (17/09/10).

Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Handouts from Thu 10/09/10 and homework

Here are the links for today's handouts:

Click here for EineKleineNachtmusik score.

Click here for EineKleineNachtmusik handout. For homework, please draw a timeline of the periods of Music, as discussed in our lesson, giving dates and important composers. Due: Tuesday 14th September 2010

Year 11 Homework: 7th Sept

Research basic facts about Grieg's Peer GyntSuite. Please include the following:
Date and circumstances of compositionThe names of the movements and a basic description of each titleAnything else of interest that you find outComplete the table for "Morning" and "Anitra's Dance". Use the table given to you in lessons (click here if you need another copy) and the Spotifyplaylist.Due: Thursday 9th September 2010


GCSE and A level students: please download Spotify while it is available to everyone. It is a valuable resource and all your playlists will be downloadable from here for your Areas of Study!


Year 12 Homework: Tuesday 7th Sept

You need to listen to 3-4 pieces of your choice and consider what it is that you like about them by breaking the music down into harmony, melody, form/structure/materials. Complete the table (which can be found here). Bear in mind that this is preparation for potential composing so choose pieces which you either enjoy or which are in a style in which you would like to eventually compose. Try and be as detailed in your response as possible as this will make future work easier. Due: Tuesday 14th September 2011 The link to Mozart's Ah! vousdirai-je, Maman from today's lesson can be downloaded from here and you can hear the track on Spotify by clicking here.

Extra-curricular notice

Welcome back! Hope you've had a good summer and that you are ready for the challenges of 2010-11. This should be in your trays tomorrow (Friday) but I thought I would post it here too.

All extra-curricular Music groups (including Concert Band) will begin next week, apart from Big Band, which will resume the following week. Year 7, please check your extra-curricular timetable and come and get involved!

Vocal Ensemble Auditions
We have vacancies in Soprano II, Alto, Tenor and Bass in the Ensemble. Auditions for these places will be held on Monday 6th September 2010 during lunchtime. Please sign up on the sheet outside the Music office. You need to come and sing a prepared song of your choice and you will also be tested on your range. Only sopranos and altos who have been committed to the choir will be permitted to audition. All tenors and basses from Years 10 and upwards are welcome to audition.
Rehearsal InformationThe most up-to-date rehearsal information will be available online on T…