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Cover Work

I would like you to research the following and complete in full sentences:
a) Samba is the national dance of which country? b) There are two main types of Samba – rural and urban. What are the differences between the two types of dance music? c) Is Samba music normally in a major or minor key? d) What time signature is most Samba music written in? e) What is the function of the Surdo and the Apito in Samba music? f) What other instruments, that we haven’t played in the classroom, can also be included in a Samba group?
Name the instruments and how you play them.

Extension task:
With the information you have researched, can you put this into a presentation to present to an audience who know nothing about Samba.


Calling ALL singers from Years 7-11

The Cambridge Choral Experience are running a fantastic singing weekend in Cambridge run by Ben Parry (director of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain) and Simon Toyne, of the Eton Choral Courses. These courses are specifically for students from non fee-paying schools and will be free of charge.
Many of you may not have even thought about your future plans but this weekend is designed expose you to lots of high-quality singing as well as getting a tour around some Cambridge Colleges and meeting lots of new people too.
This event is free and given the quality of training you will get on this day, I strongly advise you apply and go for it.
The link to the flyer is here; please see me if you would like some paper copies - I have a limited number. 
Go for it and please let me know if you get a place.
Ms Doan

From the website linked above:

Saturday 18 June 2016: Boys and girls in Years 7-11 Sunday 19 June 2016: Boys and girls in Years 12 and 13 Teachers and choir leaders are warmly inv…

Year 12 - Friday 1st April

Comparison Planning Sheet

(Vocal Music)

Click the link above. It will take you to a single Google Doc that I would like you to complete.

You will all be simultaneously editing the same document, with educational, as well as hilarious, consequences.

Add points in the boxes, in two colours, according to the instructions on the sheet.