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Year 12 Homework and Podcast: Tuesday 19th Jan

1) Miss Proctor's Jazz Homework

Research and answer in detail the questions on the Jumpin' at the Woodside homework sheet.
The following questions are below:

a) Write a concise paragraph about Count Basie; include the following:

date and place of his birth
the type of music he played
the cities in which he worked
information about his group - why they became so famous, the style in which they played, any other interesting features etc
b) Write a concise paragraph or two, researching into the background of Jumpin' at the Woodside, including when and how it was composed.

2) Miss Doan's Classical Homework
Answer the questions on the sheet, handed out in the lesson. This is also available on Google Docs. Click here to download the file. I will also share it into your Google Docs inbox.
Below is the podcast from the lesson (Tuesday 12/1/10) or click here to listen to it from

Year 10 GCSE

Click here for the Spotify playlist to Solo and Accompaniment section of your Area of Study 2 (Shared Music). You will need to know the names and composers of these pieces and be familiar with them. Here are the links to the worksheets that we fill out, just in case you lose them or want to revise from them (colours etc) electronically at a later date. Area of Study 2 - Solo and accompaniment pieces Area of Study 2 instrument and accompaniment

Year 12 Homework

Jazz Homework Read over all that we have learned today (Tue 19th Jan) so that you can familiarise yourself with all of the content etc. Classical Homework Outline the circumstances surrounding the composition and performance of Mozart’s Concerto for clarinet and orchestra.
What should you include? · When and where the concerto was composed; · on what sort of occasion it was first performed; · the nature of the instrument and the performer for whom the concerto was written.
To get into the top brackets, you should include in your answer:· The nature of Viennese musical life and Mozart’s status within this;· the novelty of the clarinet as an orchestral and/or solo instrument;· Mozart’s enthusiasm for the instrument.
Use the handouts I gave you, along with the information you have gained about Anton Stadler etc. Don't forget, it's all about supporting your answer with detailed examples. This means you might actually have to do some....WIDER READING!! Please avoid using Wikipedia as your m…

Year 12: Bach Overture: Podcast

Here is a podcast of a very basic summary of the structure and tonality of the overture to the Orchestral Suite in D by J.S. Bach. As mentioned in the podcast, this is by no means a substitute for your lesson notes, but will be a useful revision tool. It's my first one so it's a bit rusty, but does the job, which is the whole point! Play it below or click here to go straight to the hostpage.

Year 12 AS Jazz Homework

1) Read the Section A Listening Pointers sheet thoroughly, and come and see Miss Proctor if there is any part you don't understand. 2) Research the names of the performers who performed Jumpin' at the Woodside and the instruments they played, as well as how Kansas City Jazz is different from the jazz you have studied so far. Write at least one page about it.

Dido and Aeneas

Radio 3's Discovering Music series has some excellent notes on Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, as well as a video analysis of Dido's Lament. This will provide you with invaluable information and analysis so please click here for more details.

Purcell was also one of Radio 3's 2009 Composers of the Year and I have downloaded some very interesting broadcasts about the composer, which I will send to you or put on CD for you.
Here is the link to the Purcell handout.

New Year's Concert: postponed

Due to school closure, the New Year's Concert will be postponed until later on this month. Students will be informed and the website and blog will be updated as soon as a new date has been decided.

New Year's Day Concert

The New Year’s Concert is on Thursday 7th January 2010 at 7pm in the Main Hall. All are welcome: entry is £4 for adults and £2 for students.

Rehearsal Schedule during the day:

Lesson 4: Concert Band (please come at breaktime to help set up)
Lesson 5: Orchestra
Lunchtime: Vocal Ensemble (Room 30) String Group (hall)
Lesson 6: Big Band
Lesson 7: Choir

Concert Dress: Smart All Black or Black and white. If not, full school uniform.
Please arrive at 6.30pm.

Any questions, please see Miss Doan or Miss Proctor.