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Choir: LPO GCSE Bright Sparks Concert

It was fantastic to receive so much interest for this concert and we were oversubscribed, which means that sadly we are unable to take everyone.  The following people below will be coming on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th November.  For those of you who did not get a place, there will be other opportunities.  
We will meet at Morrison's Car park on Sunday 4th November at 11.45am.  Please note the change of time.  Eat before or bring a packed lunch.  We should be back in St Albans by 4.30pm at the latest.  Apologies for the change of times.  You may wear casual clothes.
Timings for Monday 5th remain the same: we will meet at 6.45am at Morrison's car park and be back for lesson 6.  You must wear full school uniform.  6th form, please wear SMART all black - no jeans, skinny trousers or leggings.  
I will bring your music unless you have taken it home to learn (which I strongly advise!).
Haynes, ChloeBainbridge, LukePerryman, HannahClifford, HarrietWells, AlexanderMayaud, YannickCalv…

Year 11: Colour Symphony Homework

Please write your written response to the question posed on your A3 sheet about Bliss' Colour Symphony.  Relate it to any colour!

Year 12: Grove Music Online

Hi Year 12,

Click here to access Grove Music Online.

Enter your library card barcode and you are in!

Remember to read up on Francis Poulenc and Les Six during half term, as well as anything else that takes your fancy.


Mr. Guinane

Joseph cast meeting

There will be a cast meeting at breaktime on Thursday in Room 30 to finalise details for the weekend. Please make sure that you have seen any teachers for Friday period 6. If they need you in their lessons you must go. Do not worry.

T shirts will be arriving on Saturday.

Please bring a packed tea for Friday. On Saturday bring lunch and snacks but we will order pizza for tea. All drinks will be provided but if you want anything special please provide your own.

Check the recent post regarding costume for Sunday.

Tickets are selling well so please make sure anyone else buys them Thursday or Friday so they are not disappointed.

Sleep well for the next 2 nights!!

Vocal Ensemble performing at Open Evening

Thanks to Mr Goodwin for making this video.  Well done, Vocal Ensemble and thank you again for your contribution.

Year 13: Collaborative Wider Listening Playlist

Dear Year 13,

The collaborative playlist I promised is embedded below.

Click here to subscribe using your own Spotify account.


Add any tracks related to any of the set worksAdd anything you think may be useful for any of the composition briefsAnything else you think may be of interest to the group.
Please subscribe and use! This will be very helpful, I have made a start but I really want you lot to take the lead on this.

Many thanks,

Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Set Works 2012-13

Dear Year 12,

Please find the Spotify playlists of your set works for this year embedded below.

Click here to subscribe to the link using your own Spotify account.

There are many more Spotify playlists to come, get an account and start subscribing!


Mr. Guinane

Choir: Lord of the Rings

The singing starts from 5:19. We will be singing this with the LPO!

Orchestra: Imperial March by Elgar

We will be starting this tomorrow so please have a listen.  It was written for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, so quite apt that we will perform it in the Diamond Jubilee year of another monarch!

Year 11: Salsa Playlist

Here is the playlist from today's lesson. Don't forget the Pearltrees and Pinterest will have more information on them too.


Joseph Tickets

Tickets will be on sale to the rest of the school on Monday. They will be available at breaktime in room 6. All tickets cost £5.

Cast and band will have priority booking on Friday this week.

Cash or cheques made payable to Beaumont School.

Please spread the word and get involved. It's gonna be amazing!

Joseph song list - who sings what?

Song titleWho needs to learn this?PrologueNarratorsAny Dream Will do (1)Josephs, Ensemble, NarratorsJacob and Sons/ Joseph's CoatNarrators, Brothers (say your own name in the introductions too), Ensemble, Wives, Jacob, JosephJoseph's DreamsNarrators, Brothers, JosephPoor,Poor JosephNarrators, Brothers, Ensemble, JosephOne More Angel in HeavenBrothersPotipharSoloists, Ensemble, Potiphar, Mrs Potiphar, WivesClose Every DoorJosephs, Ensemble (Joseph change takes place)Go, Go, Go JosephJoseph, Butler, Baker, Narrators, Ensemble, Wives

  Act 2
Pharoah Story/Poor,Poor PharoahNarrator, Butler, Pharoah, Joseph, EnsembleSong of the KingPharoah, Wives, EnsemblePharoah's Dreams ExplainedJoseph, EnsembleStone The CrowsPharoah, Narrators, EnsembleThose Canaan DaysBrothers, JacobThe Brothers Came to EgyptNarrators, Brothers, Joseph, EnsembleWho's the ThiefJoseph, Ensemble, Narrators, BrothersBenjamin CalypsoBrothersJoseph All The TimeJoseph, Narrators, Brothers, EnsembleJacob In Egypt…

Choir: GCSE BrightSparks Concert with LPO

We will preparing these starting from tomorrow.  There are no great versions of the Handel on Youtube so I have put it on Spotify here. You will see good video on how to learn the soprano line.  You can take your music home to go over it too, so please do, but you must bring it back! Lord of the Rings theme is to follow!

Download the sheet music for the Handel here if you like:

And the glory of the Lord

How to learn the Soprano line:

48 Hour Joseph Update

Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission slips and payments to the Finance Office.  There will be a meeting tomorrow breaktime in Room 30 to finalise t-shirt sizes etc.  There are nine of you who have not returned slips.  If we do not receive your permission slip tomorrow, we will have to assume you no longer wish to be in the show and will re-cast your part.  If you are reading this from Norfolk, please tweet or email us or tell Mr Guinane and he will pass on the message.
The sizes of t-shirt are:

Adults S, M, L, XL, XXL
Sizes                            S          M         L          XL        XXL Chest To Fit                  34         36-38    40-42    44-46    48-50 Actual Chest (cm)          92         102       112       122       132 Actual Length (cm)        71         74         76         79         81
Kids XS, S, M, L, XL
Sizes                            XS        S          M         L          XL To Fit                            26         30         32         3…

Year 10 Composition (2)

Repeat your ideas! Not the most eloquently put but you get the idea:

Feedback 2

48 Hour Joseph

Music is now available in Ms Doan's pigeon hole (outside for her office) for the Brothers who have solos and Pharaoh.  Please come and collect it and get learning!
Ms Doan