Joseph song list - who sings what?

Song titleWho needs to learn this?
Any Dream Will do (1)Josephs, Ensemble, Narrators
Jacob and Sons/ Joseph's CoatNarrators, Brothers (say your own name in the introductions too), Ensemble, Wives, Jacob, Joseph
Joseph's DreamsNarrators, Brothers, Joseph
Poor,Poor JosephNarrators, Brothers, Ensemble, Joseph
One More Angel in HeavenBrothers
PotipharSoloists, Ensemble, Potiphar, Mrs Potiphar, Wives
Close Every DoorJosephs, Ensemble (Joseph change takes place)
Go, Go, Go JosephJoseph, Butler, Baker, Narrators, Ensemble, Wives


  Act 2
Pharoah Story/Poor,Poor PharoahNarrator, Butler, Pharoah, Joseph, Ensemble
Song of the KingPharoah, Wives, Ensemble
Pharoah's Dreams ExplainedJoseph, Ensemble
Stone The CrowsPharoah, Narrators, Ensemble
Those Canaan DaysBrothers, Jacob
The Brothers Came to EgyptNarrators, Brothers, Joseph, Ensemble
Who's the ThiefJoseph, Ensemble, Narrators, Brothers
Benjamin CalypsoBrothers
Joseph All The TimeJoseph, Narrators, Brothers, Ensemble
Jacob In EgyptNarrators, Ensemble, Brothers, Wives
Any Dream Will DoAll


I am sure that there will be changes but this should help you know what to learn. If in doubt – learn it!!

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