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Year 10: Waltz Files

Hi Year 10,

If you choose to complete this task using ICT, click here for the files (one of them is bound to work).

Mr Guinane

Year 12: Homework and Presentations

Dear Year 12,

Attached are your Brahms presentations. I have changed the names to suit my filing system but kept your hilarious images and transitions. They are very useful resources, use them.

Brahms Presentation

Also, a reminder of your homework:

Find 2/3 other Romantic Piano Quintets with a Scherzo movement. Compare their scherzos with that of the Brahms. (My favourite: 'Schubert's 'Trout' Quintet). Hand the text in to me next Tuesday.

Finally, a picture of Brahms.

Year 10: Info re: Wednesday 26th Feb's Music Lesson

Year 10,

Could the following students please ensure that they are fully prepared to present their Disco Presentations and perform their versions of 'I Will Survive'. Make sure you have your instruments and everything you need, no excuses.

Group 1:

Conor Q
Joe Lee

Group 2:


SASSMA - What I know so far... UPDATED 27/2

Dear all,

SASSMA this year will run on Monday 10th March. The concert takes place at 7pm in the Alban Arena.

The concert will involve all members of the Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble. If you are unable to make the concert in the evening please let me know ASAP.

Rehearsals for the massed choir will take place on Friday 7th March, at 0930 at Loreto school. I will be approaching those I wish to take part very soon (approx. 16 students).

Monday 10th March: Beaumont Rehearsal 1130-1200. Massed Item Rehearsal 1300-1500
The coach will pick us up at 1100. You will need to leave lessons at 1050 and meet in Music.
The coach will return us to Beaumont by the end of the school day.

The arrangements for the concert are as follows: meet NO LATER than 1830 at the Alban Arena, dress is smart all black or full winter uniform.

I hope this makes sense, I will let you know as soon as I know any more. Many thanks in advance for your support and effort for this exciting event.

Any questions, please shout.


Year 11 Ensemble Performance Schedule: Will be updated bit by bit

Hi Year 11,

Please keep checking back as I fill this out:

Naomi Baker: Please record in your lesson on Wednesday 12th March, see me to discuss this

Sidney Brass:

Hannah Brown: Please record in your lesson on Tuesday 18th March, see me to discuss this

Sarah Chamberlain: Tuesday 4th March, 1100 (During Clarinet lesson)

Tom Cunliffe:

Elise Cutforth:

Ollie Davies: St. Peter's 12th Feb

Tom Dawes: Tuesday 1st March, 1330, Room 30

Ed Etheridge: Wednesday 12th March, please arrange a lesson in either period 6 or 7 with Mr Bitelli and let me know

Jack Gentle:

Alistair Gibbons: Tuesday 4th March, 1130 (During Clarinet lesson)

Emma Goodyear: Friday 21st March, Room 30, 1330

Cameron Halsall: Monday 24th March, break time

Alice Hancock:

Matt Hill: Monday 17th March, please arrange a lesson in either period 2 or 5 with Mr Butler and let me know

Megan Hodges: Friday 21st March, Room 30, 1330

Tom Holmes: Friday 7th March, Room 30, 1330

Josh Howell: Thursday 20th March, please arrange a lesson bet…

Year 13: Work from 4th Feb

Hello Year 13,

Please find below the plan we sketched out this morning. The full essay title is:

Compare and contrast the melody, harmony and textures of the Sweelinck, Schumann and Debussy.

Above all else, please go for clarity and illustration (examples) when making your points.

Due Tuesday 11th February

Any questions, shout.

Mr Guinane