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Year 11: Composition and Performance 1 Pro Forma

Dear Year 11,

Today you will be finalising the pro forma that goes with your first performance and composition.

You have already filled in 3 of the 4 boxes. The file should be on your area, named B351 Commentary Pro Forma or similar. Blank copies can be found here.

The final box asks you to comment on your performance. Follow the guidelines and my advice to fill it in. Aim for 100 words, but more is fine.

Click here to access recordings of your performances. You will need them to fill in the final box. Download and save them to your area. Listen to your own only please, be considerate.

Once you have filled in this box, check over the commentary as a whole. It is worth 10 marks. It does not matter if your brief bears no relation to your final composition, do not change it now!

Once you are happy please email the document to Please make sure your name is in the subject line (I will hopefully receive 27 emails this lesson).

For the remainder of this …

Year 13: Supplementary Jazz Information

Hi Year 13,

In a shocking turn of events, I have decided that though our jazz timeline made a few weeks back was amazing, there exists a better version (shock horror I know). The one fashioned by Mrs Guinane makes more sense, and is more colourful, and can be found here. Enjoy.

Also, check out the following two articles:

50 great moments in jazz: The arrival of Duke Ellington
50 great moments in jazz: Duke Ellington develops the 'jungle sound'


Mr Guinane

Year 12 Homework: 2.10.13

Right, as you know, here is your homework for Wednesday:

1. Finish the grid we started in the lesson.
2. Have a go at the 'Find and Define' page in your packs.
3. Immerse yourself in the two playlists below.

Cheers, see you Wednesday,

Mr Guinane

Year 13 Homework 01/10

Hi Year 13,

Click here for the text you will need.

This is a meaty piece that analyses this Sweelinck, so:

1. Try and take 10 or so points from it that you believe to be of value in analysing this piece. Extract them from the text.
2. If you don't get something, try and get your head around it. If not, don't worry.
3. Come on Tuesday with two or three things that you don't understand in the text, ready to discuss next lesson.
4. There is a lot of info about music of the time, and other dance form. This is important. Read it.

Mr Guinane