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Cantique CD update

Due to problems with our CD production company, the final production of the CD has been slightly delayed. However, we hope to receive the finished product within the next fortnight. Thank you to those who have already ordered copies for their patience!

Year 12: issues of pitch

Think back to our lesson on Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues, and the fact we discussed how pitch has changed over the years. The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment's Blog has recently published a short post about how this affects their rehearsals and performances. Click here to read. If this topic interests you (of course it would, it's fascinating), search for "equal temperament" in the Grove Online or even on the web to give you more of an insight into this topic.

Year 12 AS Homework - Thu 21st October (Mr. Guinane)

Continuing your initiation into the strange and bizarre world of 20th Century Classical Music, over half term I would like you to prepare two arguments, the cases for and against this avant-garde music.

On one hand, the argument that this is real music, brilliantly inventive and clever, and deserves to be called art because... (The Mr. Guinane argument)

On the other, the argument that this is not music, it does not resemble music, it is all quite rubbish really (The Miss Doan argument)

Please use the general music resources we have pointed out to you, but also think about what you class as music, what music should/be represent in your mind.

I will ask you to argue one side in groups after the holidays.

Any questions, or for listening suggestions if you haven't made your mind up, comment on this post and we will try to help.

Enjoy the week off.

Mr. Guinane

St Peter’s Lunchtime Concert: Wednesday 20th October 2010 at 1pm

The Beaumont School Vocal Ensemble is delighted to return to St Peter's Church to perform in their regular slot as part of the church's lunchtime concert series. Not only will the ensemble sing some John Rutter, you will also hear the Flower duet sung by Emily Almond and Emma Doherty, a composition by Luke Bainbridge and other instrumental and vocal solos by Libby Blassberg, Ross Bogle, Anna Fordham, Jake Hodges and YannickMayaud. For those of you who have never heard the ensemble before, here are some comments about their forthcoming CD, Cantique:

"...An exciting CD, showing great choral maturity and musicality. I wish I had been a member of a choir like the Beaumont School Vocal Ensemble." Rachel Lindley, Head of Education, Rhinegold Publishing "Cantique joyfully affirms the need for music education in our schools. Not only is the Beaumont choir perfectly blended, but individual voices are allowed to bloom. With a broad dynamic range and beautiful clarity of so…

Year 12 AS Homework - Thu 14th October (Mr. Guinane)

Your homework this week is an extension of the idea of 'extended vocal/instrumental techniques' (a key word, remember it!) as exemplified in Berio's catchy Sequenza III for the female voice. I would like a list of these extended techniques for your own instrument, around ten or so, and be creative! Remember the emphasis is on extended techniques, rather than the accepted techniques for your instrument.

If you get the chance, watch some of Berio's Sequenza's being performed on YouTube. There are tons of them, look out for the Trombone Sequenza which requires a very specific dress code on the part of the performer!

Finally, ask yourself, is it music? Think about it.

Year 12 AS Homework- Thu 14th October (Miss Doan)

1) You should try and finish working out the structure of the finale of the Joke quartet by Haydn. This can simply be annotations in pencil on in your anthologies. 2) Do some research into Franz Joseph Haydn. Please include the following: Dates of birth and death Places he lived and where he worked for the majority of his career The date and any circumstances of the composition of his Op. 33 quartets A brief overview of his works, eg. no of symphonies, piano sonatas, quartets etc Any other interesting information As discussed in the lesson, it is important that you begin to read articles written by academics, not just by enthusiasts. The link to the Grove Dictionary online can be found in "General web links" on this blog and is invaluable (but please do not copy and paste). Other books which are worth reading and can be found in most public libraries include:A History of Western Music (D. Grout) - this is available in a number of editions The Cambridge Guide to Music (S. Sadie) The C…

Edexcel AS Music Set Works

Here are the Spotify links to your AS set works. Mr Guinane and I will update once the CD comes through so that they are the same recordings where possible. Please note that Berio's Sequenza differs from the Edexcel recording and that Don't look back in anger by Oasis is not available on Spotify. We will have a copy of the Edexcel CD here, but if you would like to purchase your own, you may do so by clicking here (please bear in mind that the picture on the CD is incorrect and says GCSE!). Click here for AS 2011 instrumental set works. Click here for AS 2011 vocal set works.

Year 12 Composing: listening playlists.

Here are the playlists for your background listening to your composing briefs. Make sure you listen to them and add songs to them if you feel it is appropriate.

Area of Study 1: Composing expressively
Area of Study 1: Variation structures - composing idiomatically for instruments Area of Study 2: Words and music - structure in vocal music Area of Study 2: Text, context and texture The document from today's lesson is here. For homework, please listen to at least 2 of the extracts (you may replace them with more relevant listening, if you wish) and comment on the various elements of the music, completing the tables in the document. Due: Tuesday 19th October 2010

Year 12 Homework 7th October

Here are the links for your reading:
Louis Armstrong: A Life In Music(this one has lovely pictures, you can stop when Louis becomes a pop singer) 50 Great Moments In Jazz: The Hot Fives and Hot Sevens 50 Great Moments In Jazz: The Invention of Swing
And here is the link to the fantastic radio show I told you about: Jazz Junctions
I will post the PPT when I get the chance to convert it.
See you next week,
Mr. Guinane

Year 11 Film Music Lesson: Harry Potter

As promised, here is the powerpoint which we used in today's lesson:

Film musicView more presentations from hanhdoan.

You can also listen to the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Spotify by clicking here.

Year 12 Composing Homework Tue 5/10/10

Continue to develop your short composition, acting on advice and suggestions given to you in the lesson.
Finish writing a piano part/guitar part for your lead sheet arrangement of Yesterday. Don't forget to make the piano part consistent in its style. You need to decide which other 3 instruments you will include in this arrangement and write a plan of your arrangement.
Click here for the marking criteria for your AS composition.Due: Tuesday 12th October 2010.