Year 12 AS Homework- Thu 14th October (Miss Doan)

1) You should try and finish working out the structure of the finale of the Joke quartet by Haydn. This can simply be annotations in pencil on in your anthologies.
2) Do some research into Franz Joseph Haydn. Please include the following:
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Places he lived and where he worked for the majority of his career
  • The date and any circumstances of the composition of his Op. 33 quartets
  • A brief overview of his works, eg. no of symphonies, piano sonatas, quartets etc
  • Any other interesting information

As discussed in the lesson, it is important that you begin to read articles written by academics, not just by enthusiasts. The link to the Grove Dictionary online can be found in "General web links" on this blog and is invaluable (but please do not copy and paste). Other books which are worth reading and can be found in most public libraries include:

The first two books are available for reference only from Beaumont School's library. Enjoy the reading! It's fascinating!

Due: Tuesday 19th October 2010

Reminder: if you would like to buy your anthologies, please bring a cheque or cash for £15.81 (cheques made payable to Beaumont School) on Tuesday or Thursday.

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