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Guitar Ensemble Information

Dear Guitar Ensemble members/potential members,

As you know, Guitar Ensemble has not run for a number of weeks.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am currently the only Music teacher at Beaumont, it is not possible for me to run the number of clubs that usually takes two people.

This means I am not able to run Guitar Ensemble this term.

I WILL restart the ensemble in September however.

Apologies to all members for this, but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

Thank you for your understanding, see you in September.

Mr Guinane

Year 9 Option Homework 5th June 2013

Hi Year 9,

I hope you enjoyed this morning, I was very impressed by some of your three note compositions, so well done.

Just a reminder, you homework is to write a short evaluation of your composition, following the paragraph headings on the paper given. The guidance paper can also be found by clicking here.

You can find your pieces here.

Due next Wednesday, 12th June.

See you all next week.

Mr Guinane

Big Band: Arrangements for Saturday and some Listening Homework

Dear all,

Click here for a copy of the timings/arrangements sheet I gave out before half term. Please ask if there are any quality questions as a result of it.

Below I have included as many of the pieces as I could find for your listening pleasure, please take the time to hear them and go through them before Saturday. Click the links to find a YouTube videos/MP3/Spotify link.

Due to exam constraints we will not be having any sectionals this week, we WILL be having our regular Thursday lunch rehearsal as well as the rehearsal at 5pm on the day of the concert.


Mr Guinane

(a slightly different version to our arrangement)

Salt Peanuts

L'il darlin
(a slightly different version to our arrangement)

One Note Samba

Count Bubba

Old Devil Moon

Cry me a River



Embraceable You