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Year 10: Descriptive Music (Thu 1st July 2010)

Below is the Powerpoint from today's lesson:

Programme music describing itView more presentations from hanhdoan.
Homework:Using the answers from today's lesson, write a paragraph explaining how the music in Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture (8:15-10:35) illustrates the love between Romeo and Juliet. Please refer to instruments, rhythm, melody, texture, pitch, dynamics and any other relevant features. Don't forget to LINK it to the stimulus.Due: Thursday 1st July 2010**NB. It is now possible to download Spotify without an invitation. Please do so before the rules change again. I will be using it more frequently in Year 11 so please take advantage of this opportunity!**

Year 11/12 Summer Homework

This is where all your homework will be posted, as well as links to documents and spotify playlists for missed lessons.
Please do the following this summer:
1. Arrange your music files as discussed
2. Complete listening log grid
3. Complete both sides of the harmony sheet
4. Ensure you have read your booklet and the "What can I do now?" section
5. Sign up to Spotify- do immediately as access often changes.

Use the email above if you have any queries. Click here for the Spotify link to your prescribed works. This will open up in your Spotify account and any changes I make to it will also appear in your playlist!

Year 12 Harmony

Welcome back!

Click here for the link to your course content and criteria for G355 (Stylistic techniques).

For homework, please complete the cadences in exercises i, ii and iii of the sheet from today's lesson.

Click here to purchse Hugh Benham's A2 Harmony Workbook for the OCR.