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Amazing Concert Announcement

Right people listen up.

Esteemed alumni Sarah Walker is organising a concert to raise funds for her planned trip to Tanzania and Malawi, where she plans to undertake important work as part of her gap year. It is an amazing project so get involved!

When: This Sunday, 15th September, 7pm
Where: Cunningham Hill Junior School, Cell Barnes Lane

The evening will feature a huge range of performances from ex- and current Beaumont students. It promises to be a fantastic evening full of Music.

Entry is FREE but donations to help Sarah fund her trip are welcome!

Spread the word, and once again, get involved!

Year 13: Duke Ellington

Year 13,

This link would be a good place to start on your research work. Lots to listen to and read up on.

Use this as a springboard, rather than the entirety of your work.


Mr Guinane

Year 10: Homework and Reminders

Dear Year 10,

A reminder that your performances for Miss Beaton are tomorrow, and your presentations for Mr Guinane are on Friday.

If you need photocopying done, that is fine but please give me 24HOURS!

Any questions come and see me.


Mr Guinane

Instrumental Lesons: Information for students

Dear all,

A few reminders ahead of the start of term about instrumental lessons. This blog post is aimed at Year 7s taking instrumental lessons and anyone who has forgotten this information.

1. Lesson times can be found on the two boards in the music block. Check the day, and time and make a note of it somewhere.

2. If your instrumental lesson takes place during a normal school lesson, just raise your hand 5mins before your lesson starts and politely ask the teacher to leave (and explain why).

3. If you cannot make a lesson for whatever reason, be organised and tell your teacher asap. If you cannot find your teacher, let Mr Guinane or Miss Beaton know and they will see what they can do. Do not simply fail to turn up.

4. If you forget your instrument, go to your lesson anyway. Your teacher may have one you can borrow or they will do some theory work with you.

Managing your lessons is your responsibility. Take ownership and make the most of the opportunity you have to learn an instrumen…