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Arts Award Bronze: 2016-2017

The following students have been nominated by one or more of their arts/dance teachers to take part in Bronze Arts Award. To find out more, please come to a short meeting in H2 at the start ofWednesday lunchtime (it won’t take very long) to find out more:
8L: Ellie Bunker, Daniel Busby, Sophie Collins, William Dowdswell, Matilda Green, Tia Hall, Cara Tan Ward 8E: Tom Cross, Luka Cutts, Rosie Fletcher, Sophie Hodges, Hela Ivanova, Rachel Magee, Tommy Groth 8A: Manav Soni 8R: Ella Beadle, Raif Fisher, Sadie Keaveney, Euan Campbell 8N: Helena Amparan, Isabel Holsborough, Lewis Hopkins, Katie Penn
8S: Phoebe Turnbull
Look forward to seeing you then.

Year 11 Google Classroom Tutor Time Activity

Here is a link to your Student task sheet (if you want to click on the hyperlinks etc).

Some of you need to join your classrooms, I think there are plenty of people in your class who can do this with no problem. Ask. Use information.

Click here to access the questionnaire which I would like you to complete. You can also complete it below if you wish. You MUST be signed into your Google account in order to complete this questionnaire.

The form with the most number of completed questionnaires by the end of the day will get a box of chocolates from me. Get involved, Year 11!

Year 11: Mock Exam Study Leave

Dear Year 11,

We wish you the very best of luck during study leave.

Please feel free to continue to attend rehearsals throughout study leave. As we prepare for the concert, younger students look to you as role models, and you have a huge impact on the quality of our ensembles.

We expect full attendance at Vocal Ensemble, Big Band, and Orchestra throughout study leave.
Should you be unable to attend a rehearsal due to an exam, please let us know.

Any questions, please ask.

Choir: Christmas Carols

As promised, here are the playlists for your choir carols this year! On the YouTube playlist, there is not a decent version of I saw three ships so you will have to listen to Spotify for this. I have also put all the congregational carols on the playlists too. Enjoy and LEARN.

Training Ensemble Google Classroom

Here is the code: g20esq.

See you there!

'Once in Royal' auditions

Auditions for the solo verse in 'One in Royal David's City' will take place on Wednesday 9th November at 1330 (just after Male Voice Choir). Open to any boy with an unbroken voice.
You will be required to sing the opening verse only.
Here is a YouTube video of a little dude doing it:

The music is below, just sing the tune, it is fairly straightforward. Any questions please ask.