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See you at 7.45am(ish!)!

Year 12 Homework - Thu 25/11/10 (Mr. Guinane)

As discussed in the lesson, your homework will be to read this article, ready for a discussion around it next lesson.

In addition to this, please listen to and find out about as much Gershwin as possible, definitely Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris, as well as some of his popular songs if possible.

Thanks, see you Thursday.

Mr. Guinane

Christmas Concert Rehearsal schedule: Wednesday 1st December 2010

Concert Band, please arrive at the start of breaktime to set up. Please arrive promptly to each rehearsal.
Lesson 4Concert Band (Hall) & String Group (Room 30)Lesson 5Orchestra (Hall)LUNCHTIMEVocal Ensemble (Room 30)
Lesson 6Big Band (Hall)
Lesson 7Choir (Hall)1830Please meet in 60/61 (tbc)1900Concert - dress is SMART All Black or Black and white, BLACK SHOES or full WINTER uniform
Please see Miss Doan or Mr Guinane if you have any questions.

Meeting for Orchestra and Choir TOMORROW (Thursday)

There will be a meeting tomorrow at breaktime in Room 30 for the Orchestra and Choir. It is vital that you attend as we have no rehearsals left before the Christmas Concert on Wednesday 1st December 2010 (next Wednesday!) and I want to talk through the organisation of the day etc. This will be the final time to ensure that your name is on the programme in the relevant group so please make sure you attend. If you are on time, it won't last more than 5-10 minutes. See you there! Miss Doan

Miss Doan's Swingle Singers highlights...

In preparation for Vocal Ensemble's exciting trip to Cadogan Hall next Thursday, I thought I would create a Spotifyplaylist with some of my favourite Swingle Singers arrangements. This is by no means exhaustive as not everything is available on Spotify. However, I have included a variety of arrangements (old and new), including our beloved Blackbird/I Will, as well as alternatively arrangements of pieces you have already performed, eg. Danny Boy and In the Bleak Midwinter. A2 students will see that So What (Miles Davis) appears on this list, and members of the orchestra will recognise the Bach Fugue in G minor (BWV 542) and hopefully enjoy A Fifth of Beethoven and the William Tell Overture. Finally for those of you who can remember back to Dido and Aeneas in 2008, Dido's Lament is also here. Click here to open my playlist in Spotify. Enjoy!

Year 12 AS Homework - Thu 4th November (Mr. Guinane)

Firstly, I must say how impressed I was with the quality of debate yesterday; the quality of your arguments was excellent, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Winners to be announced next week, but education was the real winner this time (!)

For your homework this week I would like you to prepare an answer to the following question:

Describe the stylistic features of Berio’s Sequenza III which show that this is an example of post-war European art music. (10 Marks)

List as many features as you can with specific reference to the score.
I don't need a full written out answer, I just need to know what you would write in response to this question. So detailed notes, with references to the score, that I can understand.
Make sense? If not comment on the post, I will have a look at them next week.
Mr. Guinane

Year 12 Homework Tue 2nd Nov & Thu 4th Nov (Miss Doan)

Tuesday 2nd November
Here are the resources from Tuesday's composition lesson. Your homework is to find two pieces of music which will influence your short composition task, as well as find or create your stimulus for your composition. Please be aware of the short deadline (there is no lesson next Tuesday so you can compose in this time). Click here for your mini-task and here for the listening sheet you might want to use.Thursday 4th NovemberClick here for the resource used in this lesson. Homework: write no more than a page (unless you are feeling keen) answering the following: How does Haydn create interest in the 4th movement of the Joke quartet with his different use of textures? Ensure you refer to specific sections and bar numbers - get into the habit now.Due: Thursday 11th November

Year 11: Disco Music

Here is a useful powerpoint with the basic facts about Disco. Apologies for the font and spacing on the title slide! You can also click here for the Spotify Disco playlist.

View more presentations from hanhdoan.

Year 12: Listening

For those who missed my lesson before half term, and everyone else, a couple of things...
The timeline I used in my lesson is attached to the top of this post as an image, it will help contextualise the 20th Century.
You should have your opinions about 20th Century Music sorted ready for Thurs, but if you fancy some last minute listening an eclectic Spotify playlist is available here, and some electronic musique concrète that I have composed can be found on my SoundCloud page here (anyone can listen, even without a login).
One final piece of advice, approach all this stuff with the question 'is it music?', thinking about what you think music should do/say/be.
We will pick this apart on Thursday.
Mr. Guinane

Year 11 Group Performances and Composition Performances

These will take place during Monday and Thursday lunchtimes this half term. YOU are responsible for ensuring that the other members of your ensemble turn up at the right time. I would also like to record your composition. If you need to arrange an alternative time for your composition (you might need others to play for you etc), then please let me know. I am also available after school on most Thursdays so can record then if need be. Make sure you arrive on time and have all your music with you etc. Thursday 4th November
1.00pm Ed Calvert1.15pm Gabi Robertson (Perf 1-rerecord)1.30pm Monday 8th November1.00pm Harriet Clifford1.15pm Vicky King1.30pm Belle Haswell (perf 1)Thursday 11th November1.00pm Ishana Holness & Gabi Robertson1.15pm Claire Nicholson 1.30pm Will DeanMonday 15th NovemberREHEARSAL EXAM WEEKMonday 22nd November1.00pm Chloe Haynes & Sarah Walker1.15pm Ellie Hall1.30pm Georgia TendellThursday 25th November1.00pm Sarah Organ1.15pm Yannick Mayaud1.30pm Belle HaswellM…