Year 12 Homework Tue 2nd Nov & Thu 4th Nov (Miss Doan)

Tuesday 2nd November
Here are the resources from Tuesday's composition lesson. Your homework is to find two pieces of music which will influence your short composition task, as well as find or create your stimulus for your composition. Please be aware of the short deadline (there is no lesson next Tuesday so you can compose in this time).

Click here for your mini-task and here for the listening sheet you might want to use.

Thursday 4th November

Click here for the resource used in this lesson.

Homework: write no more than a page (unless you are feeling keen) answering the following: How does Haydn create interest in the 4th movement of the Joke quartet with his different use of textures? Ensure you refer to specific sections and bar numbers - get into the habit now.

Due: Thursday 11th November

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