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Vocal Ensemble Autumn Term

As well as the usual bonus a cappella arrangement that becomes our hit for the year (tbc!) the Autumn term brings two challenging but fabulous works.  In a joint concert with the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra and Carillon Chamber Choir, we will be performing Finzi's Magnificat (by ourselves) and the collaboration work will be Britten's St Nicolas
You will be given your scores during our first rehearsal (Wednesday 5th September) but please subscribe to and listen to this playlist so that you get to know the works.  You can go to the playlist from here too.

All stand for the MINI Horn section

Thank you to a parent who emailed and brought this to my attention:

Fresh from recording all 205 National Anthems played at this summer's games, the London Philharmonic Orchestra has teamed up with MINI for one more performance. All stand please for conductor Gareth Newman and the London 2012 Limited Edition MINI's unique tribute to Team GB.

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London 2012: inspire a generation

We hope you've had an inspiring 2 weeks. It's been fun and full of highs and lows, no matter which nation you have been supporting.  Hard work and giving it your heart and soul will lead to success, whichever discipline you choose.

Breathing techniques: some tips for singers

We all know that singing or sustaining for long phrases is really difficult, but it is possible! Tim from the King's Singers demonstrates here how to do it.  Practise in front of a mirror and really think about how your diaphragm and surrounding muscles work too. Watch and learn!

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Don't you just love it?