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Carol Service meeting point

We will meet in the dining hall tomorrow at 12.20pm, not in Room 30 as originally planned.  We will have any choir music left over, but Vocal Ensemble, you must sort yourselves out. DO NOT forget your music or packed lunch.  You must be prompt - we will leave without you if you are late.  Please spread the word.
Ms Doan

Year 11 Homework

Your homework is to write up your notes from the lesson into full prose, being as detailed as possible.  Due: Thursday 20th December.
Here is the track:

Carol Service: Wednesday 19th December

Please read below and ensure you are organised:
Wednesday 19th December
1220  Meet in the Music Department 1230  Leave for St Peter's Church.  Please ensure you have a PACKED LUNCH 1300  Rehearsal for service 1515  Leave St Peter's to return for school. If you are in Years 7-11 and would like to be dismissed from the church, you must bring a note to show us on the day.
1830  Meet at the East End of St Peter's Church. 
Years 7-11 must wear FULL WINTER UNIFORM, 6th form please wear SMART ALL BLACK.  Please ensure your choir books.
1900  Service starts.  Entry is free with a retiring collection for Grove House 2000  Approximate finishing time of the service
Mulled wine and mince pies (donation £1) will be served by the BSA in the Octagon Room (at the back of the church) and Heaven is a Cupcake will also be selling Christmassy cupcakes too.
It's going to be lovely, but please keep working hard, and make sure you go over your music.

Berlin Hoodie Font: YOU DECIDE

Mr Guinane and I have narrowed down the font options for the Berlin hoodie.  Please let us know your preferred font, either via email on or via Twitter (BeaumontMusic).  You have until Sunday evening 6.30pm to let us know!  Only students/staff coming to Berlin may vote.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Reich Wider Listening

Dear Years 12 and 13,

I have put together playlist celebrating the genius of Steve Reich. Find it here or below.

Please listen to the music and find out about Reich and his fascinating approach to music and composition.

For starters, a really interesting video about his seminal work Music for 18 Musicians. Some of this feeds nicely into New York Counterpoint.


Mr. Guinane

Year 12 and 13 Berlin medical forms

The following 6th form students still need to collect your Berlin medical forms and hoody letters.  The deadline is THIS Friday so please come and collect your forms from Ms Doan's and Mr Guinane's pigeon holes as a matter of urgency.
Megan Beaven Emma Donaldson Hannah Fletcher Gaby Robertson

The Music Theory Song (Intervals Roasting)

Here's one for GCSE and A Level students: