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Honk! Costumes...

A message from Ben Williams - please read carefully!


Farmyard Bird

Everyone is a farmyard bird unless you are a main character throughout the show. If you are not that character in ‘A Poultry Tale then you must be a farmyard bird, so here goes:

it’s whatever you want to be (within reason) and the costume is down to you and the school will provide comedy beaks for everyone.

Some ideas:

Pheasant, hunting gear
Chicks, yellow and fluffy bangles and stuff,
Cockerels, in red,
Chickens in brown,
Ducks in green and yellow or brown,
There is a lot of scope for this so be what you want however no swans and don’t go and hire a large chicken costume; it only needs to hint that you are a bird!
Remember you need to dance in it!

Geese (except Graylag (you know what you are doing))

Some form of army jumper to be provided by the school, and is t.b.c
Trousers, t.b.c
And walking/ marching boots, (borrow some off of a friend in the cadet force!?)
Beaks from the school.

Froglets (not bull frog (you know what you a…

Company nostalgia

As the Year 13s have just left, I thought it might be nice to have one last post dedicated to Beaumont's legendary production of Company. Whilst we are still lucky to have enormous talent in Years 7-12, we will certainly miss Year 13 very much. They have been hard-working, good fun and an inspiration to the lower school. Good luck to you all. This is the first of several nostalgic posts...

Company Photo Presentation 1View more presentations from hanhdoan.

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Jazz Worksheets

Here are the links to the Jazz worksheets which I shared with you yesterday:

Click here for Listening to Black Bottom Stomp.

Click here for Jumpin' at the Woodside-MORE DETAILS.

Click here for Kansas City Jazz.

Click here for Miles Davis Handout.

Essay titles to follow.